World Prayer Today

How to silence the noise around us

April 01, 2024

Welcome, World Prayer travelers. Our journey through South America begins this week as we visit with Hugo, a listener in Caracas, Venezuela. Here’s his story:

“I am a part of a small church in a big city. There is no better way to receive the Word of God every day than with your programs. As I listen and reflect on the knowledge I am learning, I seek to be continually in His presence. I find that when we worship Him and are in communion, we silence the loud noise around us. The world tries to capture our attention, but reading the Word, hearing, and striving to practice it, we will make the voice of Christ louder, dispelling with His light all darkness that arises in our minds. Thank God for the ministry He has placed in your hands; it greatly blesses me.”

Caracas, the capital, is one of the least-reached areas of Venezuela. Over one million people live in the ranchos (slums), and gangs or drug barons control entire areas—and fewer than 300 churches meet in the city. Pray today for Hugo and his local church. Ask God to use them and all those who hear THRU the BIBLE to bring the hope and light found in Jesus to this dark city. Pray that the Word of God silences the noise around all those who hear it … including each of us.

We pray for clear vision and clean hearts in Bolivia tomorrow. Hop aboard and join us.

Listen here to TTB-Spanish.