World Prayer Today

Praying for clear vision and clean hearts

April 02, 2024

Need a little encouragement today? Here’s a letter from Martiriano in Bolivia. He writes:

“I live and attend church in Yapacani. In this church we listen to your programs in Quechua and Spanish. I love that your teaching is reliable and truthful. Last week while studying with you, I saw there was a lot of industrial smoke in the sky. I compared it to the dirty things of this world. Soon it began to lightly rain, and the smoke disappeared. I feel as though God’s Word in our lives is like rain falling from the heights, cleaning and clearing away the things that blur our vision and keep us from breathing in the good things He has for us. Thank you for keeping me centered on what matters.”

Is something keeping you from what really matters? Open God’s Word and ask Him to clear your vision and clean your heart. Pray He gives you and our fellow passengers in Bolivia (and the world) a refreshing rain of blessing as you spend time with Him today.

Begin with the end of the story in mind. That’s the wisdom a listener in Argentina says helps him when he struggles. Read his entire story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

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