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Pray for those who resist the truth

April 10, 2024

“God does not exist.”

That’s the message we received over and over on our social media pages from Nida in Egypt. Then one day the conversation shifted. Here’s her story.

“I was an atheist and was looking for many ways to prove that God does not exist. Less than two years ago I stumbled across your social media and decided to send challenging messages to you. But I was surprised how patient and caring your answers were to each of my messages.

“It took us long conversations, but I finally found the truth. Thank you for your perseverance and eagerness to help me experience the truth of God and Jesus Christ. I now can humbly say I’m a Christian and I’ve decided to follow Jesus. I believe this happened in part because of your care and prayers. I am so grateful and promise to stay a regular follower to your program.”

Thank God for His Word and His people who lovingly and patiently share it. As you pray for those resisting it in your life, lift up THRU the BIBLE in Egypt. May the good news run swiftly and be glorified in the hearts (2 Thessalonians 3:1) of all those who hear it … especially those who oppose it the most.

We’re praying our way through Morocco tomorrow. We’ll meet you there.

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