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"This Should Not Be Happening ..."

August 29, 2017 Crowd of Male Muslim Whorshippers

An interview with Steve Shwetz on miracles in the Middle East

“This should not be happening—yet it is. The only explanation is that God is moving in this part of the world.” Steve Shwetz, our host on Thru the Bible, traveled with president, Gregg Harris, to the Middle East this summer to celebrate the final taping of Thru the Bible’s Arabic television program, Kol el Ketab, completing the five-year course through the whole Word of God.

Steve shares what he witnessed on this historic trip:

Not your typical television studio: “If you’ve watched the Kol el Ketab program on satellite or, you’d never guess it was recorded on the third floor of an urban high-rise in one of the most significant cities in the Middle East. On Sunday it’s a church meeting place, and during taping it’s a high-quality television set.”

It’s also not your typical format. “Evangelical pastors traveled from around the region to meet and record the five-year Thru the Bible program. Each trip was sacrificial of their own time and expense, and so they recorded 10-12 programs each day. (Amazing!)”

Your prayer is significant. “If you’re on our World Prayer Team, you get a snippet of the stories—how God is drawing Arabic-speaking people to Himself through Kol el Ketab. Now that the taping of the program is complete, the ministry continues through follow-up with people who’ve asked questions or expressed interest. Pray for these who are committed to seeing this ministry flourish. Many have left well-paying jobs and crossed over to barely making a living—but they are getting the gospel out, and they count their sacrifice as nothing compared to what they gain for the kingdom.”

If you’re concerned about Islam … “The best thing you can do is give Muslim people the Good News. When they understand the love of a heavenly Father and what grace and forgiveness are—that changes everything.  I can’t understand Arabic, but I see in the faces of these brothers and sisters at Kol el Ketab the same joy I feel in knowing the Savior. How can you not be excited to be a part?”

How to pray. “Pray for boldness and the moving of the Spirit in those who are religious but dead in their trespasses and sin. They need life. We have seen a spiritual movement in the Middle East that confounds everyone. ‘What’s causing this?’ they ask. Pray for the great awakening in the Middle East and North Africa to continue and grow. Understand that this is a long shot. There’s no way it should happen, but when God is leading and the Word of God is presented as plainly as it is with TTB, new life comes to the desert.”

WATCH Steve Shwetz and Gregg Harris on the set of Kol El Ketab.