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Thanks Be to God: Global Recap of 2020

November 30, 2020

Praise God for how He’s opening doors for His whole Word to go around the whole world.

South Asia

Praise the Lord for the continued growth of Home Groups, specifically in Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh. There is a hunger for the Word of God and Thru the Bible teaching (2700+ groups in Pakistan and 1582 groups in Bangladesh). In spite of COVID-19, the Thru the Bible Home Group ministry has expanded—now more than 11,500 home groups in South Asia representing almost 117,000 people. Thru the Bible content was produced and distributed in India in over 60 different languages.

South America

This was our first year of broadcasting on a powerful new network of stations reaching northern Mexico with Spanish-TTB. 

It was a blessing to be able to start broadcasting the Brazilian-Portuguese TTB on an FM music station in Sao Paolo starting September 2020 on a very good time of day!


Thank the Lord that the Baoule-TTB for Ivory Coast and the Igbo-TTB for Nigeria got off to a good start earlier this year. We were moved when we learned the Igbo TTB producer chose to be quarantined for 30 days in the studio rather than at home so that the ministry would not be interrupted. During that month of isolation, he translated and produced 30 programs.

We are thankful that the Shona-TTB began “airing” in a hospital in Zimbabwe in February 2020. Since that happened, the hospital bookstore reported an increase in the sale of Bibles. Patients who leave the hospital receive information on how to continue listening to the program. Not only do they receive healing for their bodies, but for their souls as well.

A milestone was reached when the Tigrinya-TTB program for Ethiopia completed translation and production of the full cycle of 1300 programs in March. Besides radio, the producer also uses WhatsApp to distribute programs and follow-up with listeners. He has about 4000 contacts from around the world in his WhatsApp Tigrinya TTB groups.

From Ray Alary when reading World Prayer Today, praying for Guinea Bissau: “If Satan has a foothold anywhere in Africa, this country may be the worst of the worst. Praise the Lord for TTB’s ministry into Guinea Bissau; it is a light shining in a very dark place. To get even this one response is such a huge encouragement to me because I helped us get on an FM station there many years ago. This country needs God’s Word badly.”


In April we began airing the Dutch-TTB on a secular music station near Amsterdam. This is unprecedented in the Netherlands. The station owner became a Christian several years ago and makes this possible. Pray people will come to know the Lord and His Word through this unique opportunity.

TTB-Slovak launched in June, and we are already getting great responses and activity on social media.

Turkish TV

On August 31, we launched our first Turkish TV program via satellite.  If response to the Arabic and Farsi TV ministries are any indicator, we have high hopes for the impact of this exciting new initiative, the spread of the Word of God in the Turkish language through Kutsal Yazilar (Turkish for “Scriptures).