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A Modern-day Apostle Paul

February 18, 2021

Recently we heard this story from one of our partners in the Middle East* and couldn’t wait to share it with you.  

Our partner writes,  

“In Scripture we come across one Paul, a one-of-a-kind minister of the gospel. And yet, if I were to consider one person that would resemble Paul, it would be the face and name of Fadi. 

“This young man from ‘country X’ lived in ‘country Y’ and had made a good life for himself … until the day he questioned Islam. That landed Fadi in jail with an eight-year sentence. His property was seized—cars, trucks, and his bank account stripped of millions of dollars, everything that was in his name was gone. Not only that, they whipped Fadi’s frail body with 800 lashes and threw him out of the country. 

“After prison, friends smuggled Fadi back into ‘country Y’ to be with his wife and five kids. His wife owned a supermarket where they had hid stacks of gold bars.  

“Once back at home, Fadi started watching Kol El Ketab and there the Word of God satisfied his questions that for years had nipped at his heart. Now he had a name—Jesus Christ—attached to the answers. He believed on that name and gave his life to Christ.  

“By then the authorities caught up with Fadi. They seized his wife’s supermarket and the hidden gold. They threw Fadi back in jail with more lashes.  

“But this time, prison was a mission field. Fadi used whatever money he could scrounge and paid $7,000 for a contraband cellphone to continue to watch Kol El Ketab.  Now, he invited other prisoners to watch with him and, eventually, he led nine to the Lord and baptized them. Yes, the new believers inside a jail in ‘country Y’ were baptized!  Incredible, yet true. 

“All this was only the beginning of a difficult but more than marvelous journey of faith, of hardship, of joy. 

“We moved Fadi and his family to another country and continue to provide for their needs.  

“So, what is Fadi doing now? If ever there was a convert who had a heart for his people, it is Fadi. He has led as many as 40 of his countrymen to the Lord, mostly refugees like him. He also uses remote electronic communication to tell his countrymen back home about the Lord Jesus. He uses FaceTime to lead a house church. He keeps up with the new believers in ‘country Y’ and disciples them on Facebook, etc. Fadi also prepares weekly talks that air on TWR. And of course, the house church and the discipleship program he leads all watch Kol El Ketab

“Please ask the Lord to protect Fadi. Many want him dead, including his parents. He is often questioned by the secret service in this new country, and of course he never shies away from presenting the gospel. He’s been warned of his former country’s plots to kidnap or kill him.  Also ask the Lord to guard his family and Fadi’s zeal for the gospel.  

“This is an incredible young man, and the story goes on. Please intercede for this modern Paul and for the glory to be all to God.”  

*For their security, names and locations have been changed.

You can watch Kol el Ketab, THRU the BIBLE's Arabic-tv program, at