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Celebrating New Ministry to the Muslim World

December 23, 2021

by Gregg Harris, THRU the BIBLE president

There are two things I’m saying a lot these days:

1. This is historic …

2. We’re just beginning …

Recently we passed a huge milestone in THRU the BIBLE’s history in the launch of Indonesian satellite TV. Today, THRU the BIBLE is viewed on satellite TV and video ministry in the five major languages of the Muslim world: Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Indonesian.

These five projects comprise the most ambitious and complex ministry outreaches in the 48-year history of our global ministry. The logistics behind these productions are staggering, and the man who has led the production of all of them is Dr. Hany.

Please take a moment to read Hany’s two emails here, the first to us and the second to the producer/translator of the first of these programs in Arabic. Give thanks and praise to God for doing something above and beyond what we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

From: Hany

To: Gregg Harris, THRU the BIBLE

Subject: Indonesian TTB

Date: October 31, 2021  

Beloved brothers in the Lord, grace and peace to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

With all humility and all the reward and glory to God alone and not to ourselves, we present the fifth project of TTB to the world. God willing, tomorrow, Monday, is a historic moment for all Indonesian speakers. At 11 AM, God will open a giant new door for the Indonesian people by broadcasting Semua Kitab Suci (Thru the Bible) to reach all the speakers of Indonesian in the whole world, whose peoples are estimated at 300 million. 

I am confident that God has plowed their hearts before so that His Word, through the program of TTB, reaches their hearts to work, bear fruit, and to achieve the goal of knowing Jesus Christ as a personal Savoir of their lives first and disciple them to know the biblical truth. 

From: Hany

To: Ayad

Subject: Indonesian TTB

My brother Ayad,

Thank you for bearing the burden of recording the Arabic TTB for seven years, and now we are reaping the fruits of your labor. May the Lord bless you, bless your home, and your service. 

What makes my heart happy is that one day we will reach heaven and God will reveal to us the fruits of those programs in which we have worked hard. At that time, we will rejoice by God’s work from every nation, people, and tongue who have become God’s own family and people. 

I have two requests in my heart that I place before you to pray for: 

  • An intense prayer for the Indonesian project and Indonesian people, so that His Word may reach souls and that the pure Word may dwell and work richly in hungry souls.
  • God always leads us in every project that our goal is for His glory only and to present Jesus.

Watch for yourself: