The world has changed since you were born. It’s become smaller. Used to be that when someone wanted to share God’s Word with the other side of the world, it would take days or weeks or longer. Now, thanks to digital technology, we are taking the whole Word to the whole world in seconds. Not only that, because of digital technology’s portability, sharing God’s Word has never been this personal.

You likely know someone who has never heard of God’s gift of eternal life, freely offered to them. Perhaps language (or culture or access) has been a barrier to their understanding. Now, partnering with Thru the Bible, you can offer God’s Word to that friend, neighbor, or colleague.

Are you willing to rise to that challenge this summer?

Over the coming months, we’re encouraging the Thru the Bible family to take the whole Word to your world in two ways.

TTBinmylanguage promo card

At home: First pray that God will lead you to someone in whose heart He is stirring a hunger to know Him. Then, download, print, and cut out this sheet of TTBinMyLanguage Promotion Cards. Tuck them into your pocket or purse and be ready to share one when you meet someone who speaks a language other than English. At, they will find our five-year journey through the whole Word of God in their language (97 languages available, currently). Pray that God will lead them to listen—and respond in faith to His Word.

Away from home: Where can you deliver a Solar Bible Bus this summer? Are you traveling on vacation or on a short-term mission trip to another part of the world? Is a missionary friend coming home from their far-away home of service? Consider how easy it would be to tuck a Solar Bible Bus—in any one of the eleven languages now available—into your luggage, and deliver it to someone who has never heard the gospel? The Solar Bible Bus has a full audio Bible and the entire 5-year Thru the Bible program—order yours here.

Who will God use us to reach? Up for the challenge?

Let’s be a part of the story of how God is taking His whole Word to the whole world. Send postcards, send pictures, share your stories.