World Prayer Today

A suicide attempt leads to salvation

October 26, 2017

“I tried to commit suicide.” That’s what we hear from a listener of Thru the Bible’s Hindi broadcasts.

“One day as I was sitting outside my house with a heavy heart, someone took notice of my scars and asked why I looked so sad. I told him everything with tears streaming down my face. He listened to me attentively and told me about Jesus. Then he prayed for me and introduced me to your programs.

“I started listening and was blessed by it every day. Soon, people started noticing my calm and relaxed demeanor. I, too, was surprised by the way God was changing me. It was God taking my burden as shown through 1 Peter 5:7. A day came when all my problems were sorted out and my life became a testimony for people going through depression. Today, I have joined a family of believers who care about each other, and I truly experience the love of Christ through this band of brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for your teaching that gave me hope.”

Praise God His Word is changing lives in Southeast Asia! Today let’s intercede for Thru the Bible’s Hindi broadcasts, including those in Australia where more than 150,000 people consider it their primary language. Pray for new outlets and open doors so more people will hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and be saved.

Our destination tomorrow: Indonesia. See you there!