World Prayer Today

Good news from Egypt

November 24, 2017

As we continue our journey of praise and prayer through the end of the year, let’s stop for a minute and rejoice with two young women in Egypt. Here is their story:

“You have mentioned today how we can be saved through Jesus. My friend and I have taken you up on that invitation. We have listened together for a few months, and now it all makes sense. We feel this is not a coincidence and we eagerly await more instruction as we tune in. We have other friends who have heard your messages, too. I think our generation is eager for something new.”

Praise God that His Word does not return void. Today let’s thank the Lord that the broadcasting of His Word is changing lives of young people in Egypt and all over the world.

We’ll be praying and praising our way through South Africa on Monday. Invite a friend to join us here at