World Prayer Today

Hello from your fellow prayer team members!

January 30, 2018

Welcome to Alberta, Canada. Today we have the pleasure of meeting with a husband and wife who are fellow World Prayer Team members from Sturgeon County.

They share:

“We have been riding the Bible Bus for several years and are continually blessed and challenged by your ministry. We also belong to the prayer team and pray for the request each morning. We are always happy to know that so many people in far-off places are hearing the gospel and good biblical teaching. We were recently blessed to hear more about what is happening in Mongolia through your producer named Bat.

“Dr. McGee has also guided us to be careful in supporting Christian ministries, and that is why we are blessed to support TTB and our church. It’s such a joy to partner in sharing God’s Word around the world. Let’s keep up the good work!”

Aren’t they encouraging? Let’s join them in asking God to multiply the work of Bat in Mongolia and all of Thru the Bible’s producers and broadcasters around the world. May the work of their hearts and hands share the love of Christ with more people than ever before.

Join us tomorrow as we travel to sunny Southern California and meet with Loreyn, a listener of Thru the Bible in Spanish. And share this journey with a friend!