World Prayer Today

“The Lord is mighty to save!”

March 28, 2018

“The Lord is mighty to save!”

That’s the great news we hear from a listener in Sugarland, Texas, today. He continues,

“I was sitting in an apartment alone, separated from my wife and kids, and I heard your program on the radio. I had reached the lowest point of my life, and thrown away everything the Lord had blessed me with. At the darkest point of my life, I cried out to the Lord to save me from myself. Slowly but surely, the strongholds and multiple addictions in my life began to fade away. Many, many nights it was the Lord, Dr. McGee, and me sitting on my couch, pouring over Scripture. I am happy to say that my marriage has been reconciled, and my three small children are happier than they’ve ever been. We worship as a family, we pray as a family, and the name of Jesus always seems to be on all of our tongues! To God be the glory!”

Amen! Today, let’s give thanks to God for His saving grace in our lives and the lives of Thru the Bible listeners around the world.

Join us tomorrow as our celebration and countdown to Resurrection Sunday continues, here on World Prayer Today.