World Prayer Today

Praising God in the midst of hardship

March 11, 2019

With more than 286 deaths every day (or 12 per hour!) and more than one million children orphaned, it’s hard to overestimate the crushing impact AIDS has had in Zimbabwe.

But today let’s praise God that in the midst of this hardship His Word is bringing hope and life to these Thru the Bible listeners and so many more. As one woman recently called to say:

“I am a regular listener to your teachings. At 50 years old, I have been physically blind for seven years now and my spirit is also blind. But each time I listen to your teachings my spirit begins to see a little bit more. Thank you so much. Please pray for my physical challenge and for the sickness of so many that I know. I believe God delivers His people … He is our only hope."

And another listener texted us these encouraging words:

“May the Lord bless you because of the Word you give us each day. My soul is uplifted daily with the teachings of the Word you give, especially during these difficult and trying times. Please pray for us; there is much sickness and sadness. We need God’s Word to lift our heads and protect our hearts. Through your explanation, I can now share the Good News with others.”

Let’s ask God to encourage all those who hear His Word today. Whatever difficulties we face, let’s lay them at His feet and trust Him to lead us to victory.

Join us tomorrow as we pray for families in Eritrea.