World Prayer Today

A sister in Venezuela moves from religion to relationship

April 26, 2021

“My rituals were my religion. Through you I found I needed a relationship with Jesus instead.”

That’s the great news we hear from a listener named Tina in Venezuela today. Here’s the rest of her story.

“Of all places in the Bible, I gave my life to the Lord as I studied Leviticus with you. Recognizing the rich symbolism of the rituals in this book strongly confronted me about the emptiness of my own. I praise the Lord of life for this revelation and thank you for teaching us the truth without distortion.”

Most people in Venezuela identify as Christian, however many don’t attend church and often mix Christianity with false teachings and evil practices like spiritism. Pray today that God’s Word heard on THRU the BIBLE reaches them.

Like Tina, may His truth reveal the emptiness in their rituals and teach them about the rich treasures that are found when they choose to put their hope and trust in God.

Tomorrow a fellow World Prayer Team member has encouragement for us. Join us as we journey to Bolivia.

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