Resurrection Day Resources

Resurrection Sunday is April 9. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate:

  • Download our free Easter printable and display it prominently. Every time you see it, be reminded of God's love for you.
  • Get up early and read John 19 and 20.
  • Invite someone (a neighbor, a work friend, a child) to go with you to church. Take a walk with them or take them to lunch afterwards to talk about their experience.
  • Make a list in your journal, “Because Jesus rose again . . .” or “Why the Resurrection matters . . .”
  • In Jesus’ name, serve someone in need today. Ask the Lord to show you who they are and what they need. Pray for and with them, if you can.
  • Read and listen to some of Dr. McGee’s best Resurrection Day messages below.

Read some of Dr. McGee's messages on the Resurrection of Jesus

The Cross Through Jesus' Eyes
Instead of standing beneath the cross and passively listening to Jesus utter His seven last sayings, view the crucifixion of Christ from a new position—from the cross itself. Look with Him on those beneath His cross and see what went on in His heart and in His mind as He hung there. Examine what occurred in His soul as He became the sacrifice for the sins of the world. Because as He was suspended there between heaven and earth, He became the ladder let down from heaven to this earth so we might have a way to God.

Radical Cost of the Cross coverThe Radical Cost of the Cross

The cross of Christ is the most recognizable symbol in the world, yet no one fully knows its meaning. It is a profound mystery. On it, Christ paid a tremendous price for you. God is satisfied with what Jesus did for you on the cross. Are you?

What is Christmas Without the Resurrection?
Jesus is no longer a helpless baby in a manger but a mighty Savior risen from the dead! Without the resurrection, the Christmas story is meaningless.  

God So Loved coverGod So Loved
The words of John 3:16—arguably the most well-known verse in the Bible—are simple. But they are also so profound that it's a wonder any one of us really knows what they mean. Why did our Lord enter and pass through this world? Because you were here, and He wanted to save you.

Witnesses: After He Died They Saw Him Alive
Dr. McGee simulates a courtroom as he calls witnesses to the stand. You will hear the testimony that each one gives, examine the evidence, and decide for yourself whether or not Jesus arose from the dead.

When the Cross Divides
Think about the cross of Jesus Christ. Did you know that what you’re thinking of right now tells a lot about you? Dr. McGee explains how our opinion about the cross tells us about the condition of our hearts. We’ll look at the lives of real people in history who chose to believe the cross was the instrument of their salvation and those who thought talk like that was just foolishness. Come to this study with an open heart to all God has for you—because of the cross.