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Gospel of Matthew_large
  The Gospel of Matthew bridges the gap between the testaments, swinging back to gather up prophecies and going forward into the future, the first to mention the church by name. Matthew presents Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah and King. And though originally written to Jewish people, we can see Jesus Christ in a fresh new light. Start the Gospel of Matthew here.
 Gospel of Mark_large   What makes Mark’s Gospel unique from the others? The difference is in the details. Mark, telling the disciple Peter’s story, gives a private glimpse of how Jesus served. He’s constantly acting on others’ behalf. He lays aside a king’s royal robes (like we saw in Matthew) and girds Himself with the towel of service. These 9 lessons from Dr. J. Vernon McGee will stir your heart to serve like Jesus. Start the Gospel of Mark here.
 Gospel of Luke_large   If ever you wondered if Jesus is really human, study Luke’s Gospel. As a doctor, Luke revealed the down-to-earth compassion that pervaded Jesus’ life, revealing Him as God in the flesh. Our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, leads us in seeing how Jesus is the Son of God, our great High Priest, touched with the feelings of our weaknesses, able to extend help, mercy, and love to us. Start the Gospel of Luke here.
 TTB_YouVersionEnglish_John_Tile   The Gospel of John, a favorite book of the Bible, gives us the story behind the stories of the Gospels. Though it is one of the easiest books to read, John is also one of the most profound books to understand. Start the Gospel of John here.
 Acts_large   The book of Acts, sometimes called the fifth Gospel, picks up where the Gospels leave off. “Take this good news to the world” was Jesus’ last words as He returned to heaven. Travel alongside the early Christians in these beginning days of a great adventure that continues even today. Start Acts here.