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Gospel of Matthew_large
The Gospel of Matthew bridges the gap between the testaments, swinging back to gather up prophecies and going forward into the future, the first to mention the church by name. Matthew presents Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah and King. And though originally written to Jewish people, we can see Jesus Christ in a fresh new light. Start the Gospel of Matthew here.

 Gospel of Mark_large
What makes Mark’s Gospel unique from the others? The difference is in the details. Mark, telling the disciple Peter’s story, gives a private glimpse of how Jesus served. He’s constantly acting on others’ behalf. He lays aside a king’s royal robes (like we saw in Matthew) and girds Himself with the towel of service. These 9 lessons from Dr. J. Vernon McGee will stir your heart to serve like Jesus. Start the Gospel of Mark here.

 Gospel of Luke_large
If ever you wondered if Jesus is really human, study Luke’s Gospel. As a doctor, Luke revealed the down-to-earth compassion that pervaded Jesus’ life, revealing Him as God in the flesh. Our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, leads us in seeing how Jesus is the Son of God, our great High Priest, touched with the feelings of our weaknesses, able to extend help, mercy, and love to us. Start the Gospel of Luke here.

The Gospel of John, a favorite book of the Bible, gives us the story behind the stories of the Gospels. Though it is one of the easiest books to read, John is also one of the most profound books to understand. Start the Gospel of John here.

The book of Acts, sometimes called the fifth Gospel, picks up where the Gospels leave off. “Take this good news to the world” was Jesus’ last words as He returned to heaven. Travel alongside the early Christians in these beginning days of a great adventure that continues even today. Start Acts here.

Romans lays down the foundation for our faith. Salvation is a free gift, received through faith alone in God. By His grace we are dead to sin and forever alive in Christ. In 15 summaries, discover how this letter follows the road to salvation, from death to life. Our teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee said, “It’s just as if it came by special delivery mail to us today.” Start Romans here.

 1 Corinthians_large
Who hasn’t struggled to keep Jesus Christ at the center of their life? The Corinthians did, too. In this letter that draws beauty from ashes, we learn diversity is a gift, freedom in Christ is forever, and our unity flows from God’s love and His Spirit in us. Trusted Bible teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee helps us navigate this book with confidence in God’s grace and compassion for each other. Start 1 Corinthians here. 

 2 Corinthians_large
The Christian life can feel like taking one step forward, then two steps back. In 2 Corinthians, the church is challenged to “grow up” in Christ, and we are reminded of God’s unfailing grace, even in the face of sin and failure. These eight lessons from Dr. J. Vernon McGee will encourage you to keep walking forward in the right direction as you grow in your faith. Start 2 Corinthians here.

Get ready to fight the good fight against legalism in Galatians. When this letter was written, it defended the gospel of Christ from people who wanted to reduce it to rules. Not surprising, Galatians has provided the backbone for several great spiritual revivals around the world. Freedom, we learn, is a serious fight. Allow grace to revolutionize your own life through these seven lessons from Dr. J. Vernon McGee. Start Galatians here.

What does it take to be a healthy church? First, embrace how a community, gifted with grace and life in our risen Savior, can bond together. The second half of Ephesians gives us practical truth that equips us for spiritual battle—both as individuals and the collective body of Christ. Join Dr. J. Vernon McGee as he breaks down Ephesians with simple yet profound logic in 11 summaries. Start Ephesians here.

What kind of person can sit in prison and write a book about joy? The apostle Paul’s joy transcended his earthly circumstances, and he felt compelled to share it with his friends at Philippi. He teaches that happiness is found through Christlike humility, contentment, and service. In just six short lessons, favorite teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee shows you what it means to have that same kind of joy. Start Philippians here.

He is the head of the body, the church. He holds creation together. He’s the first, the best, the priority of … everything. Jesus Christ is the center of the circle around which all Christian living revolves. If you’re tempted by false teaching or feel too discouraged to go on, remember who Jesus Christ is in these six lessons from Dr. J. Vernon McGee. Start Colossians here. 
1 Thessalonians_large
When you feel like you’re losing hope, look to God. First Thessalonians tells us that’s the remedy for hopelessness. And if you’re losing joy, then pray without ceasing, rejoice in the Lord, and give thanks to Him in every situation. These seven lessons from THRU the BIBLE’s trusted five-year study, here focused on 1 Thessalonians, will remind you of your hope in Christ and your future with Him in glory. Start 1 Thessalonians here.  
 2 Thessalonians_large
Has Jesus already come and gone? Second Thessalonians assured fearful people who had been told a lie that Jesus Christ’s second coming was still to come. He didn’t leave you behind. Don’t give up. This same truth keeps a fire kindled in our hearts that produces self-control, discipline, and determination to keep moving forward. Trusted Bible teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee leads us through this short, powerful book. Start 2 Thessalonians here.   
 1 Timothy_large
A healthy church doesn’t just happen. First Timothy gives us guidelines to how a healthy church should be organized, led, and taught. In this short study, trusted Bible teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee helps us see how church leaders reflect Jesus Christ when they love God’s truth, God’s people, and nothing more. Start 1 Timothy here.
 2 Timothy_large
Written in a Roman prison cell just before the apostle Paul’s execution, this extremely personal letter reflects on how Paul fought the “good fight” of faith and challenges us to do the same. Keep hoping, keep sharing, keep walking out the gospel. Especially pertinent to those in ministry, these four short lessons from Dr. J. Vernon McGee encourage us to remain faithful to the end. Start 2 Timothy here.
 Titus-Philemon YV_large
What you believe or don’t believe about God affects everything you do. Sound doctrine (true truth) is Titus’ first focus. Next, it focuses on how to live out that truth in our lives, communities, and churches. In this short study, Dr. J. Vernon McGee helps us connect what we believe about God with how we live life.   

Your ability to forgive comes from Jesus Christ. That’s the truth behind the story of two men—Onesimus and Philemon, both harboring anger, bitterness, and resentment toward each other. But that’s not the end of the story. Trusted teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee helps us see that while the sin nature produces bitterness, God’s love empowers us to forgive. 
Start Titus & Philemon here.   
Sometimes, “running the race” of faith leaves us tired, out of breath, and discouraged. The book of Hebrews is an infusion of faith for the weary. Its message calls us back to the truth and gives strength to keep going. In these 17 lessons, Dr. J. Vernon McGee reminds you Jesus is better than any other road. Believe what He’s done, and all that He promises to do. Start Hebrews here.
The book of James nudges us to “put your money where your mouth is” when it comes to Christianity. If we truly believe God, then that faith will produce godly actions. James offers real-life examples of what faith looks like. Favorite teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee walks us through the practical, wise instructions found in the wisdom book of the New Testament. Start James here.
 1 Peter_large
When we first met Peter in the Gospels, he was a brand-new Christ-follower. Now, years later, his life has been changed by grace. He has much to say about doctrine, his own trials, and the work of the Holy Spirit. He encourages believers to persevere and hope in Christ’s resurrection. These six lessons through 1 Peter are part of THRU the BIBLE’s trusted study through the whole Word of God. Start 1 Peter here.
 2 Peter_large
In his second letter, Peter challenged the church to pursue knowledge of God’s Word. If you know the truth, you’ll be able to spot error. He urged them to simultaneously “be on guard” and “grow in grace.” Peter couldn’t stress enough how important it is for believers to grow in our understanding of God and His Word. Follow along as Dr. J. Vernon McGee helps us do just that. Start 2 Peter here.
 1 John_large
First John is all about family—God’s family. Discover what it means to have right fellowship with God and others. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into consistent growth—both outward and inward transformation. In ten lessons, trusted Bible teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee encourages us to “walk in the light” as God’s children and image-bearers of Jesus Christ. Start 1 John here.
 2 & 3 John YV_large
Truth and love go hand in hand. According to 2 John, you can’t have one without the other. Love without truth is merely emotion, yet truth without love feels empty. John taught the church that our obedience to God should be motivated by love and informed by scriptural truth. Study alongside teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee as he leads the way through this brief yet impactful book. 

The key word of 3 John is “welcome.” John encourages the church to welcome each other in. Fellowship with God, sharing the gospel, and walking in truth and love will produce a spirit of hospitality. Come along with Dr. J. Vernon McGee as he shows from Third John that hospitality is receiving and supporting those who are also part of God’s family. 

Start 2 & 3 John here.
Jude wastes no time. This brief, powerful letter exposes false teachers—many of whom were subtle and believable. They told half-truths about the gospel, which made the lies hard to pick out. Nevertheless, partially true is completely false; almost-gospel is not gospel. Jude calls the church to recognize the false teaching in their midst for what it was. Trusted teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee helps us apply Jude’s warnings today. Start Jude here.
Revelation is God’s grand finale—His final Word to mankind—but it’s really just the beginning. If you’ve thought Revelation is complicated with all its symbolism, let veteran Bible teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee walk you through this organized, prophetic book in 28 lessons. You’ll see God’s magnificent master plan unfold and everything point to Jesus Christ as the author of creation and fulfiller of all His promises. Start Revelation here.