World Prayer Today

Praying for hope in the DR Congo

March 21, 2023

Life in the DR Congo is difficult. In addition to scars left from years of violence, brutality, and disease, today more than 64% (roughly 60 million people) live on less than $2.15 a day. It’s against this backdrop we pray for THRU the BIBLE to reach listeners.

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When waiting on God is downright difficult

March 17, 2023

No matter where we live, one of the biggest concerns—and heartaches—for many Christians is our family members who have not come to faith in Christ. That’s the story of Maat, a fellow Bible Bus passenger in Egypt.

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Pray for freedom of religion in Iran

March 16, 2023

On previous journeys through the country of Iran we’ve learned that Christians who convert from Islam are targeted by the state. Iranian authorities frequently surveil and raid house churches, and pastors and church members can be arrested and imprisoned, often on charges of threatening national security or promoting Christianity.

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Praying for the fatherless

March 15, 2023

There’s no pain like family pain. When our earthly family relationships have been difficult or non-existent, it can be harder to see God for who He promises to be. But God is patient and faithful. That’s the story we hear from Esma in Turkey.

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Praying Matthew 4:16 in Saudi Arabia

March 13, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s record on religious freedom and human rights is probably the world’s worst. People of faiths other than Islam can live in Saudi Arabia, but they cannot practice their religion openly or even gather together.

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God speaks; are you listening?

March 10, 2023

If there’s one thing we’ve learned as we’ve traveled together on the Bible Bus, it’s that God speaks to us through His Word. Sometimes we’re encouraged, sometimes we’re instructed, and sometimes we’re corrected. That last one is especially hard, but it often leads to great things in our lives. That’s the story we hear today from Dara in Cambodia.

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A wise investment

March 07, 2023

In our fast-paced world, time is the ultimate treasure. That’s what we hear from a listener named Peaches in Manila.

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“I do not see my big problems anymore, but I see a big God.”

March 06, 2023

A spiritual battle is taking place in Indonesia. Christians often mix ancient traditions and the occult, and through overt persecution and the subtle yet succinct efforts to erode religious freedoms, Muslims continue to grow in influence and power. Despite all this, God’s Word is finding an audience in the hearts of listeners.

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Verses to pray for those who have walked away from God

March 03, 2023

What can we do to make God stop loving us? Nothing. Nothing we have done and nothing that has been done to us can make Him give up on us. Even when we walk away from Him, He remains faithful. He is there waiting for us to come back. That’s the story we hear throughout God’s Word, and that’s the story we hear today from John in Michigan.

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Have big feelings or deep sorrows? Bring them to God

March 02, 2023

If you’ve been aboard the Bible Bus as we’ve studied the Psalms, you know there’s something special about this book. In these pages we see Jesus in a way that goes beyond His life story, we learn that we can turn to Him with our big feelings and our deepest sorrows. In Psalms we discover that He is all we need. That’s what we heard from a listener of THRU the BIBLE’s Spanish programs.

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You are so loved

March 01, 2023

God loves you. Do you need to hear that today? Although our love for one another is often conditional, God’s love for us isn’t. He has no hidden motive. He always wants our best. In fact, God is the only one who fully knows us and truly loves us for who we are. That’s what Gina in Texas found as she studied God’s Word with us.

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God is there when it hurts

February 28, 2023

One of the important lessons we learn as we travel together on the Bible Bus is that God’s Word is a road map for our lives. In the high places, in the low valleys, in our strength and our weakness, God’s Word directs us. That’s what Ingrid in Quebec has also learned.

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Faith replaced my fears

February 23, 2023

As we traveled through the book of Numbers on the Bible Bus, we learned that God doesn’t let His children live in disobedience or indifference to Him. That’s the lesson Agon from Albania is learning too.

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