World Prayer Today

The powerful Word of God

November 30, 2022

Step into any meeting or eavesdrop on phone conversations with Gregg Harris and Steve Shwetz at THRU the BIBLE and you’re likely to hear several great listener stories each time. Why? Because as Steve has often said, “These letters are living proof that God is blessing His Word.”

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What does it mean to be a Christian?

November 29, 2022

“What does it mean to be a Christian?” Ask a group of people on a busy street and you’re likely to get a myriad of different responses that range from the doctrinally correct to the downright absurd.

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Praising God in Poland

November 25, 2022

“I didn’t follow God’s path. It was never my intention to worship or serve Him, but God disrupted my plans.” That’s what we hear from a prisoner in Poland today as we travel the world celebrating the miraculous ways God is working in our lives.

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Join us for a feast of blessings

November 24, 2022

“A feast of blessings.” That’s what THRU the BIBLE’s president, Gregg Harris, recently called the emails, texts, letters, voicemails, and videos we receive from listeners all over the world.

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How firm a foundation

November 23, 2022

At the beginning of every program, we’re called aboard the Bible Bus with the grand anthem, “How Firm a Foundation.” Have you ever listened to the words? Have you ever wondered why that hymn?

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Finding grace in the middle of grief

November 16, 2022

“Will our lives ever be the same? Will our family ever laugh again? How do we get through this?” These are the questions Seetha and her family faced after the sudden loss of her brother-in-law.

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The celebration begins

November 14, 2022

As our 2022 World Prayer journey nears an end, we’re taking the next few weeks to reflect and thank God for what He’s doing in our hearts and the lives of our fellow listeners.

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Why do you study the Bible?

November 11, 2022

Why do you study the Bible? To know God better? To recognize His voice? To guard yourself against false teaching? To follow Jesus? There are so many, many good reasons.

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Asking God to guard and guide Somali believers

November 08, 2022

For more than 25 years, Somalia has been a safe haven for Islamic militants who relentlessly target Christians. The small number who do come to faith are considered high-value targets of terrorist groups and often are intensely pressured by family members. The result? Most live in carefully guarded secrecy.

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