World Prayer Today

Keep praying for Kyrgyzstan

February 16, 2021

“I have made many mistakes, but I am trying to correct them. I listen to the programs so much that my children also started listening with me. Will you pray for us?”

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Good news from Costa Rica!

February 10, 2021

“Your podcast has been a tool from God for healing me from depression and suicide attempts. I can only give thanks to God for you and the way you teach the Bible.”

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Praying for the poor in Nicaragua

February 08, 2021

“People here have great needs. We cannot preach platitudes. Your programs help me go deeper in the Word. As I learn, my entire church learns, and some have even joined me in listening.”

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A personal message from Uganda

February 04, 2021

“There are a lot of Muslims in this area. At night some come privately to confess their faith in Jesus because they’ve heard His Word on Thru the Bible.” -Pastor Benjamin

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The difference between religion and relationship

January 25, 2021

“Please join me in praying my family and more people in my country will understand the difference between a religion and having a vibrant and growing relationship. It feels as though there are very few that follow Him with their lives.”

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When life hurts, keep talking to God

January 22, 2021

“I listen to God’s Word and pray. I feel my life will never have joy again and worry that my husband will discard me. I’m trying to trust the Lord, but it is difficult when my heart is overwhelmed with grief.”

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