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On a Treasure Hunt

October 26, 2018 Hands holding open Bible That’s what we’re on this month—a treasure hunt in the book of Proverbs. Dr. J. Vernon McGee leads us in our search for hidden treasure and tells us how to find the wisdom that leads us to know the Lord in His Word.

From Dr. McGee:

A great many people say you must have a very high IQ in order to understand the Word of God. Well, friends, God never said that. He does make clear in the book of Proverbs that if you are to know the will and Word of God, you have to study. You can’t just pick daisies along the highway of life; you must apply your heart to gain wisdom and, therefore, you must study the Word of God.

Too many Christians have been brought up to think devotional reading is all they need of the Bible. They read a few verses before they go to bed, and then put the Bible under their pillow. But at the end of the day, they’re as ignorant of the Bible as a goat grazing grass on a hillside. Why? Because that’s not the way you learn the Word of God.

The way you learn the Word of God is you get at it! Read Proverbs 2:1-5. You lay it up. You incline your ear. You apply your heart. You cry after it. You lift up your voice. You seek it as silver. You search it like it’s hidden treasure. When you go after the Word of God like that, you’re going to learn something. You’re going to understand what the fear of the Lord is, and you’re going to discover who God is and what pleases Him.

The Bible’s wisdom speaks to our hearts. Wisdom is a love of living right.

God says that there’s no hocus pocus way of learning the Word of God. There’s no pious way of learning it. There is no substitute for just digging it out, and you really don’t have to have an IQ. Why?

Because God will give you wisdom. Read Proverbs 2:6. If you want wisdom, you go ask Him. The Holy Spirit is here today to be our teacher. When I heard that as a young Christian, it thrilled me. The Spirit of God would open these things up to me! (Read 1 Corinthians 2:9, 10.) You know, that’s the reason there are some folks who don’t have a Ph.D., but they have knowledge of the Word of God that others do not have.

As a young man, I was eager to search out God’s Word. I was a young minister and single, so I had time to devote to it. A local radio program turned over the 6 a.m. slot to us young ministers, but no one except me wanted to teach at that hour. But I wanted to take it! But to be very frank with you, I tried to teach the Word of God, but nobody seemed to be interested in it—except one person.

It was a little old lady who used to pass my church every morning on her way to the bus. Sometimes I would be out at the bulletin board, changing the subject, and she’d walk by. She’d say, “Mr. McGee, I heard you this morning.” It always made me feel good to know somebody was listening.

She would often say, “You know what you said…,” and then we’d discuss God’s Word. I learned a lot from her—she had real spiritual discernment. She told me that she only finished grade school, but I’m here to tell you that that wonderful Christian knew more theology than the average Christian in any church in that city. She really knew how to discuss the Word of God.

Do you know how she learned it? “The Lord gives wisdom!” She showed me her Bible one day, and I’ve never seen a Bible that was more worn as hers. She used it. She read it. She understood it. Why? She was willing for the Spirit of God to teach her.

When wisdom enters your heart, and knowledge is pleasant to your soul, discretion will preserve you; understanding will keep you, to deliver you from the way of evil…. -Proverbs 2:10-12

I’m thrilled for the many people who want to study the Bible with us on the Bible Bus. I’ll be honest, I had come to the conclusion there weren’t many people who really wanted to study the Word of God. But you prove me wrong! I’m honored to stand with a chorus of Christians who believe God wants to teach us today. It’s one of the greatest thrills of my ministry. And, very frankly, He’s teaching me too! Oh, how wonderful it is! I feel like I’m still in grade school when it comes to understanding the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God. Let’s continue our search for treasure!

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My Turn

Challenge: Read a chapter in Proverbs every day this month—corresponding to the day’s date (i.e. on November 10, read Proverbs 10, etc.). Pick a verse to meditate on for the day, perhaps commit it to memory, and apply it as you go about your day. Do the same tomorrow and the day after, until wisdom is a habit that marks your walk with God.

Try this: As you read a Proverb every day this month, when you see the word “wisdom” read it as “Jesus” instead. Discover what following Jesus looks like in everyday decisions.