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Can You Match the Language?

June 25, 2019 Smiling Indian woman

Every day, Thru the Bible carries God’s Word to people living in nearly every corner of the earth. Test yourself to see if you can identify the language of these Thru the Bible broadcasts from the clues.

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Despite All Odds--Thru the Bible heard in North Korea

June 25, 2018 North Korean boy on bike

Hardly a day goes by that North Korea (called The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK) isn’t a focus of world news. Known as the "Hermit Kingdom," North Korea has isolated its people from the outside world for 50 years, and so this added exposure is drawing attention.

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Western Europe Update

April 25, 2018 man with kind face

In the fall of 2017, Thru the Bible’s president, Gregg Harris, traveled to Italy and Spain to meet with the TTB producers of our Italian, European Spanish, and European Portuguese ministries. “While Western Europe is ‘hard ground,’” Gregg says, “we are encouraged how God’s Word is taking root in the lives of our listeners.”

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Take the Word to the World Challenge

February 26, 2018 phone on a Bible

You likely know someone who has never heard of God’s gift of eternal life, freely offered to them. Perhaps language (or culture or access) has been a barrier to their understanding. Now, partnering with Thru the Bible, you can offer God’s Word to that friend, neighbor, or colleague.

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2017 Year-End Highlights

November 29, 2017 Plant sprouting out of the Bible

It is always a joy to look back and celebrate the great things God has done in our ministry. This year, it is a two-fold blessing because 2017 represents our 50th year of Thru the Bible’s ministry!

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Keep it Up, World Prayer Team!

March 26, 2017 Kneeling in Prayer

“The World Prayer Team ... consistently pray for God’s favor on this ministry and for fruitfulness in taking His Word worldwide to people who often have no other way to hear about the love of God."

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