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Good News from Every Corner of the Earth

March 28, 2024

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” -Isaiah 52:7

From the mountains of Southeast Asia

Wonderful things can happen when you study God’s Word with a friend. That’s what Darith in Cambodia recently shared. Here’s his story:

“I found your program and began to listen every day. My life improved both physically and spiritually. I soon chose to receive God’s mercy and became His child. With His grace working through me, I was able to lead one of my neighbors to faith in Jesus Christ. Now we have joined forces. Your programs take us very deep and our conversations after are invaluable. We challenge one another’s attitudes and actions and support each other with God’s Word when it is needed. We push one another to continue. In the end, we’ve learned more and have become stronger in our faith together than we would have on our own.”

From Central Africa

“My spiritual life felt idle.” That’s the beginning of a phone call we received from Serena in Gabon. Here’s more of her story.

“I’m 45 now and gave my life to Christ in June of 2012. At first, I was zealous, constantly seeking ways to serve the Lord and fellowship with other Christians. But recently things changed. My daily tasks became my focus, and I had no goals in my life. I questioned myself and realized I’d only read the Bible superficially and I felt the desire to do a real Bible study. That’s when I found you. I’m beginning to learn that without studying and meditating on the Word of God, I’ll never grow up. I won’t be a mature Christian and I won’t be fulfilled. Please pray I make it through the entire Bible with you. I want to keep my spiritual life focused and fruitful.”

From Southern Europe

In Croatia we meet with a fellow Bible Bus passenger named Ana. She says:

“I live in a beautiful town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. When I started listening, I was searching for meaning. Your deep biblical lessons and stories of other believers were crucial. I decided to follow Jesus and through this study I have made a lot of progress in my understanding of His Word. I have applied many biblical principles to my life and relationships, becoming a better version of myself. Thank you for guiding my spiritual growth.”

From Central America

“I went to church every Sunday, but I was far from God.” That’s the beginning of a story we heard from Maria in Honduras. Here’s more:

“Religion was important to my family growing up. We went to church every Sunday and followed the rituals, but something was missing. We were Christians in name only. Our family was loud, rude, and often mean. When I married, I promised myself I would change that. For a few years my husband and I attended the same church as my parents. Then I heard your program, and everything changed. For the first time I learned that a life lived with God was not about attending church, but about a relationship with Him. I was surprised to find I could turn to Him with my joys, my sorrows, and my sins. My husband and I began to listen together, and soon we welcomed two children into our family. Through your messages and the grace of God, our family is gentle, kind, and loving. Thank you for helping us know Him and live a full and pleasing life in His service.”

Praise God that as we come to know God intimately, our lives are changed and our spiritual lives deepen. Pray as THRU the BIBLE goes out today that the good news of the gospel reaches more people from every corner of the earth.

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