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Why Jesus Came Unrecognized

November 28, 2022

God blazed a trail down through history in such a definite way through Old Testament prophecies that when Jesus Christ came, the people should have known by the prophetic Scriptures who He was.

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The Heart of Advent

November 30, 2021

This month we’re doing something special on our social media platforms and pointing out Jesus in all four themes of advent: Hope, peace, love, and joy.

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The First Person to Worship Jesus: Elizabeth's Story

November 29, 2021

Luke was the only one who recorded the real songs of Christmas, sung by Elizabeth, Mary, Zacharias, Simeon, the angel Gabriel, and the angelic host. The events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ was the time for people to break forth in song—beginning with one older woman who understood something of the mystery of what was happening in her womb and the womb of her young relative from Galilee named Mary.

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The Bigger Story Before the Christmas Story

November 30, 2020

Invite your family around the table, or around the tree, and read the Christmas story together this year. The story is old, but the promise of a Savior is a gift waiting to be unwrapped by anyone with faith to receive it.

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Born a King

November 29, 2017 Manger showing a baby

My friend, look about you. The supermarkets are groaning with their shelves laden down. The department stores are bulging with luxury items .... What a contrast to His coming. A stable. Poverty. Lowliness. What obscurity. No one there but a few paltry shepherds, and later a few wise men came. That’s all.

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The Sinless Child

November 28, 2016 baby

The union of man and woman can only produce a child with a sin nature. By the virgin birth is the only way God could get His holy Son into the human family.

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