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Another Great Year for India’s Bible Quiz

December 21, 2023

Goal: Challenge a country to study the Bible

Result: 70,000 show up for the quiz

As it has occurred for the last decade, THRU the BIBLE’s partners in India pulled off another Bible Quiz—this time on the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

Dipendra Halder, TWR-India’s CEO, says,

“The reason we do this quiz is to encourage as many people as possible to invest time in studying the Word of God. It is a unique opportunity to study the Word, to grow in the knowledge of God, and to have some friendly competition spurring one another on as we mature in Christ.

“While some might have started the study of these books with skepticism, it soon became apparent to many of us that these books are packed with deep truth and encouragement that push us to live lives of great faith. The true prize of the Bible Quiz is the time spent in His presence and growth in our intimacy with the Lord through His Word.

“My compliments to all the participants for their efforts as students of His Word. I pray that what has been learned now will not be lost in our memories but will continue to resonate in our hearts and minds throughout this year. We do hope that each one will continue to spend much time with His Word and that the habits picked up in preparing for the Quiz will continue to last us a lifetime!”

India’s 2023 Bible Quiz

  • 27 states across India
  • 18 languages
  • 3831 quiz centers
  • 71,496 participants

Premkumar from Telangana has been paralyzed and bedridden since he was in school due to a medical mishap. The turn of events in his life caused him to be deeply depressed. In 1997, Premkumar came to know about the THRU the BIBLE program in Telugu.

They have been a great source of encouragement to him. In 2020, he heard about the Bible Quiz. He signed up to participate and even came first in his language. With the help of his faithful mother, Premkumar has once again been able to prepare for the Bible Quiz and participate from the confines of his bed. He wants to encourage anyone in circumstances similar to his to spend time with the Word of God. He would like them, too, to experience the joy and wholeness he experiences with Christ today.

Great Stories of God at Work Through India’s Bible Quiz

“I really enjoyed studying these books, especially Ezra. It taught me about the greatness of God, and I learned why we should fear and obey Him. All three of these books have become my favorite in the Bible. The study material helped me understand deeper truths and helped me in my walk with God as a teenager. These books taught me strong truths and reasons to fear God in obedience. I enjoyed studying and attempting the exam more than being worried about marks.” -from Zaneta in Jharkhand

“The habit of systematically studying the Bible has been profitable to me. The Bible Quiz has encouraged many in our church to develop the practice of reading the Bible regularly, and this is helping many of us grow spiritually. It has contributed to leadership development in our church.” -from Abhijit in Tripura

“Preparing for the Bible Quiz ignited a passion for service and outreach in me. As I delved into the Scriptures, I couldn't ignore the messages of compassion, justice, and love. It's amazing how a simple exam can inspire you to live out the teachings of the Bible in practical ways. I was truly inspired by the book of Esther, as it highlights the themes of courage and God’s providence and how Queen Esther along with Mordecai, through courage and divine providence, save their people from destruction. It empowers me to be like her and live my life with courage.” -from Sunita in Bihar

“A friend introduced me to the Bible Quiz. I learned that if I could gather 15 participants, we could form a center at my church. Initially, I was nervous, but I went forward with the support of our pastor and, by the grace of God, we gathered 52 participants. The three books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther have been an eye-opener to us. My way of reading the Bible has changed as I prepare for the Quiz. I pray for a great transformation in every participant’s life for God’s glory.” -from Rosela in Nagaland