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A Word from Gregg Harris | October 2019

September 26, 2019 A Word from Gregg

A Word from GreggWhy the whole Word?

Until you read the Bible for yourself, you don’t realize how practical and personal it can get. This month on the broadcast we study two books that speak directly to our vulnerabilities. In the first short letter to Titus, Paul—the senior—delivers help to an overwhelmed young pastor. Paul hits on leadership struggles we face today: How do I keep everyone focused on the same goal? Who can I trust to lighten the load? What should be done with gossip? What do I do when I don’t know what to do? Can you relate?

In the second letter to Philemon, Paul hangs once-dirty laundry on the line. It’s a letter about forgiveness and restoration. A Christian has messed up. He’s cost another Christian a lot. What will you do?

If you only read the places in the Bible that comfort and encourage you, you miss the nitty gritty. But isn’t it surprising that God’s view on the things that humble us are what strengthens us most of all? It’s by grace we are saved.

Thank you for praying for Thru the Bible this month. Pray for those (worldwide) who think their weakness and sin disqualify them from the family. Pray they listen long enough to realize it’s exactly their weakness and sin—covered by the blood of Christ—that open the door to grace in the first place.

Your partnership in the gospel means so much.

Grateful for you,

Gregg Harris
Gregg Harris
Thru the Bible, president