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A Word from Gregg Harris | June 2022

May 26, 2022


The concept of stewardship is largely foreign to our culture. We understand ownership, borrowing, leasing, and mortgaging but don’t know much about stewardship. Yet making good use of what God entrusts to us is a biblical concept—something we daily think about at THRU the BIBLE.

Think about the parable Jesus tells in Luke 16 about the master who gives his workers a share of his investments and asks them to steward it well. In a tangible way, THRU the BIBLE holds a treasure we are stewarding, hoping to please our Master on His return with great fruit. This ministry doesn’t belong to any of us but has always been about doing what will multiply and make good use of God’s resources.

If you pray for our mission to together take the whole Word to the whole world, if you invest your treasure in this eternal purpose, then we invite you into the blessing that has been THRU the BIBLE’s this year. God is working in incredible ways.

Here is an accounting of how your investments were distributed in 2021:

Total Expenses 2021         $25,724,575

Global ministry$15,888,55062%
Domestic ministry
Listener services

Grateful for your partnership,

Gregg Harris
Gregg Harris
THRU the BIBLE, president