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Jesus in 2 Corinthians

March 31, 2023

Without Jesus Christ, we all are lost. We don’t need behavioral modification or a psychological adjustment. Without Him, we are all doomed sinners on the way to hell. The only solution we have is the gospel of Jesus Christ. What we need is Jesus!

The good news is if we are in Christ, we are a new creation (5:17). We leave the old things behind, like our sin and this world system. Now we are identified with the glorified Christ. We have been baptized into the body of believers and we belong to Him.

How do you know you are a new creation in Christ? Because Jesus says so on the basis of the Word of God. You no longer belong to the old creation that fell in Adam. The new creation stands in Christ Jesus, and you are in Him. We still stand in the place of danger and temptation, and we may fail in many, many ways, but the wonderful truth is that the Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed us, and we are a new creation in Him.

As a new creation, we are reconciled to God. Reconciliation goes one step further than salvation. It’s more than having our sins forgiven and divine justice being satisfied. Reconciliation means our relationship with God has completely changed. As a holy God, He had to do something about our sin. That’s why He gave His Son as a sacrifice on our behalf. Because Jesus died for us, we stand in a different place with God.

Today God stretched out His arms to a lost world. You can come to Me. It doesn't make any difference who you are, you can come to Him.

Because Christ died, a holy God no longer deals with us in judgment, but now He reaches down to save all those who will come to Him. Jesus Christ bore all that judgment on Himself, to pay your debt so that you can be reconciled to God. You don't have to do anything to win God over. He’s not angry with you.

God loves you.