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The Fruit of Faithfulness: The multi-generational impact of Thru the Bible

March 01, 2016 Bible Bus family One of the most exciting elements of Thru the Bible’s impact is seen in the way God’s Word can transform families. Time and again, we hear from listeners who tell us how God uses our programs to do amazing things among their family members.

Here in North America, we kn
ow that many parents use Dr. McGee’s teaching to help their children become grounded in the Word of God. For example, we often hear from home schoolers that listening to TTB is part of their core curriculum. Recently we received another example in a wonderful picture for our “Bible Bus Listener Photo Album. It depicted a yellow bus with pictures of four people: Dr. McGee (in the driver’s seat), a grandmother, her grandson, and her great-granddaughter. The picture also shows us that the grandmother began listening in 1973, the grandson in 2007, and the great-granddaughter in 2013. We praise God that we are able to reach several generations in the same family! 

God does the same thing all over the world as Thru the Bible goes out to millions of people in over 100 languages. Here are some wonderful testimonies we have received from listeners around the world that show how God uses the simple teaching of His Word to touch multiple generations in the same family.

An Oromo listener from Ethiopia writes:

“I love your radio program very much. Sometimes I miss my dinner because I arrive home just in time for the Bible teaching course. It’s OK—hearing about Jesus feeds my soul more than usual food satisfies my body. I have been listening to the program since my childhood. In the early days, my family surrounded the radio in the evening time to follow the program—my grandmother, my parents, my sister, and I love the messages about Jesus that came out from the small radio. Recently my father and my sister were in serious health conditions. God didn’t allow the enemy to be happy—He cured them both. My grandmother looks forward soon to meeting your Bible teacher in God’s presence. I have limited words to thank you for telling me about Jesus. He is beyond words. Praise to Him.”

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim country, but this listener reminds us that our faithful radio broadcasts are reaching deeply into families:

“Praise the Lord Jesus for His love and grace to all of us. Indonesian TTB programs have blessed me and encouraged me to read the Bible every day. I have followed in God’s ways since I was a child, listening with my parents to TTB. In these growing up years, the words of God sometimes rebuked, advised, comforted, and strengthened me so I was aware of my sin and followed Jesus. Praise God, I have known since I was a boy that in the Lord Jesus there is a victory for those who believe in Him. My parents now are with God and I think of them with joy working for and worshipping Him as they did here, but now in His presence.”

Our YouTube ministry, which presents Dr. McGee’s teaching organized by chapter, has touched many lives, with more than 10 million minutes of actual listening in the first two years! Here is one comment we received:

“Thank you for posting all of these sermons. My family has been listening to [Dr. McGee’s] messages for three generations. Hearing his voice is always comforting.”

And finally, a Burmese listener from Myanmar shares the impact of Thru the Bible on four generations of listeners!

“I am listening to Burmese Thru the Bible presenting the first book of Samuel. I am strengthened spiritually by listening to the message about David. I benefited much spiritual strength by hearing about chosen children who put God first in their lives, resist Satan bravely with courage, and also live throughout their lives faithfully for God. I first heard this message many years ago at my grandmother’s feet. She also loved to listen to Thru the Bible and many times taught me what she learned each day. My mother now teaches my children in the same. Only by God's grace do we have the opportunity to listen to your radio program and have benefited much spiritual strength very well.”

All of these letters are representative of what God is doing in so many places around the world. But none of it would be possible without the faithful prayer and financial support of our listeners in North America. That too is frequently a “family affair,” as people who give to Thru the Bible often tell us that their parents and grandparents were also supporters of this worldwide outreach. This is a beautiful picture of God’s love. He brought us into the family of God and allows us to serve and strengthen families around the world for His glory!

- Gregg Harris, TTB President