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Chairman’s Update: Building on a Firm Foundation

June 01, 2016 Building on a Firm Foundation It has been a joy for me to be personally involved with the ministry of Thru the Bible from its inception in 1967. It is hard to believe that the ministry is now in its 49th year, because the time seems to have flown by. This is because it has been the most thrilling journey anyone could imagine to witness God’s power at work!

Earlier this year, we began the 10th trip of the five-year “Bible Bus” radio journey, and next year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this tremendous ministry. This teaching now goes out in well over 100 languages and is heard almost everywhere on earth. All of it resounds to the glory of God, whose Word stands eternal!

The ministry has seen many changes over its five decades, but thankfully some things remain unchanged: The faithful teaching content Dr. McGee left for us and, more importantly, the timeless and powerful impact of the Word of God on the lives of millions of people all across the globe.

We believe it is important from time to time that you hear directly from TTB’s Board of Directors, on which it is my honor to serve as Chairman. One of the Board’s most important tasks is to ensure that this ministry is remaining true to our founder’s vision and values.

It’s now been almost 28 years since Dr. McGee went home to be with the Lord. Because I knew him personally and because each of our Board members has a great interest in and commitment to Dr. McGee’s ministry, we understand his vision and the principles that he adhered to for how a ministry should be operated.I would like to highlight three major areas of our ministry that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the vision and values Dr. McGee left for us.

Financial Integrity

Dr. McGee placed tremendous emphasis on good financial stewardship. He was well known for his frugality! He understood and taught that each of us must give an account to God as stewards of everything in our lives. He also encouraged TTB listeners to make sure that any ministry they invest in should handle their funds carefully and responsibly.

The leadership of TTB watches our finances carefully. Many people are amazed to learn that we run a worldwide ministry with a huge impact with about a dozen paid staff and a handful of outside professionals! Many ministries of our size have hundreds of paid staff and huge payroll expenses. Much of this is accomplished through key relationships with our broadcast partners both here in North America and internationally. Technological improvements have helped us achieve tremendous cost savings.

Regarding the ministry’s income, our leadership is committed to Dr. McGee’s policy of never using high-pressure fundraising tactics or what he called “gimmickry.” We update our listeners on the wonderful ways God is using the ministry and trust them to apply the biblical principle of laying up their treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19, 20). We continually thank God for moving in the hearts of His people to support the work of Thru the Bible.

​Missionary Focus

The vision of “the whole Word for the whole world” is something we take seriously. Jesus expressed a powerful principle when He said, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:21). For many years, TTB has invested more than 50 cents of every dollar we receive in our global ministry. This demonstrates our hearts’ desire to get God’s Word to every creature on earth. In fact, our foreign language ministry has more than tripled since Dr. McGee’s passing!

Careful Selection of Board Members

Per the instructions given to Timothy and Titus, we select board members very carefully based on biblical criteria for leadership. I can assure you that your Board of Directors watches over this great work of God with reverence and care. Each of the men on our Board has been personally touched by Dr. McGee’s teaching ministry and therefore each one desires others to experience the transforming power of the systematic study of God’s Word.

So I am thrilled to report to you that the ministry of Thru the Bible is on a firm foundation! We will continue to give out God’s Word to millions of people around the world and trust Him to provide for and bless our simple efforts. This is a ministry you can count on to remain faithful to the Word of God and to hold fast to the vision and values that Dr. McGee laid down so many years ago. Together, we will joyfully take the whole Word to the whole world by radio and a host of new technologies! The end goal of all our efforts is to see people from every tribe, tongue, and nation giving praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

- Leo Karlyn, Chairman of TTB Board of Directors