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Reaching into One of the Last Communist Strongholds—Vietnam

January 30, 2017 Hmong woman in Vietnam In 1967, the year of the first Thru the Bible broadcast aired as we know it today, the country of Vietnam was in turmoil. The fight against Communism raged. The people and the nation were in crisis. In many ways, it’s taken these five decades of difficult, faithful outreach in Vietnam to establish trusted relationships with national church leaders and to consistently reach out with the quiet, personal instruction of God’s Word.

Even today, Vietnam—one of the world’s five Communist countries—survives under the stronghold of a harsh government. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ suffer harassment, discrimination, and persecution. This is where the World Prayer Team travels this month.

This precious nation of 90 million souls remains at an ever-expanding crossroads. We see God’s favor in strategically allowing growing technology, carried by the hands of faithful servants working in thei
r networks of influence to reach Vietnamese people with the gospel.

Here’s a fun fact: More than 150 million cell phones are in use in Vietnam—and 30% of those are smart phones. A large population listens to Thru the Bible in Vietnamese, Hmong, and six other dialects through FEBC’s “audio hub” system. Thousands of listeners, especially in the rural countryside, also listen to God’s Word delivered on memory cards and speaker boxes, often gathering in groups or as villages.

Thanks to those who financially and prayerfully stand with Thru the Bible, the gospel is proclaimed in word and deed at every God-given opportunity in Vietnam, equipping followers of Jesus Christ to make disciples in their own culture and across cultural boundaries. Through the faithfulness of our listeners and workers in Vietnam, we are witnessing spiritual impact that this world has never seen before and for which eternity will boast.

Pray for the people of Vietnam

  • Pray this month that every Vietnamese would have opportunity to hear the gospel and for their willingness to believe God’s Word.
  • Pray for God’s blessing and favor on TTB’s ministry in Vietnam—especially through the speaker box project and the “audio hub” system.
  • Pray for our Vietnamese brothers and sisters in Christ who face persecution when they share the gospel. Pray for their strength, courage, and protection.