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Have you heard what God is doing in India?

February 27, 2017 Indian family in home

If you’ve been around TTB for long, you’ve likely heard about the digital player with an SD card for people who don’t have access to radio. Thanks to this technology, they can now hear Thru the Bible. Recently we heard from our ministry partner, TWR-India, that Radio Home Groups (often the beginning of a local church) across their country use these players in a portable “Radio Home Kit​:”

“We can see that the Radio Home Groups are multiplying, and the harvest is plentiful—with 2399 total groups meeting regularly and 2637 groups in formation across India. We have 88 counseling centers that cater to the needs of these groups. People are eager to hear the Word of God, and are welcoming the concept of regular meeting times to listen together.

“As an organization, we are responding as fast as we possibly can to the urgent need for radio home kits. There is much hunger for the Word of God, and TTB’s in-depth Bible study has been a Godsend. The church in India will be forever indebted to TTB for sharing Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s teachings.”

Meet a family who listens to Thru the Bible on a digital player . . .

Maya and her husband brewed illegal country liquor and sold it to our village. Even though she was looked down on, Maya held her head high. One day I (a Radio Home Group leader) crossed into her liquor shop with my Radio Home Kit in hand. She called out to me to ask, “What are you listening to? I’ve heard that you make other people listen to that thing as well?”

I was shocked by her question, but with fear and hesitation, I told her about Jesus. The next day, she asked, “Can you tell me more about Christ?” I seized the opportunity and invited her to our Radio Home Group. To my surprise she came, eager to hear the Word of God.

She told her husband how she was blessed by the program, and the next week they both came. The Lord spoke to them in a powerful way, and soon enough, they accepted Him as their personal Saviour. Ever since, they have stopped selling country liquor. Though they are financially poorer, they are more peaceful than ever before. They are now strong believers in their village and have started a Radio Home Group in their own house. I praise God who can bring such dramatic transformations in our lives.