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TTB Bible Quiz Bowl: 50,000 People Learn and Play in India

April 27, 2017 Indian Street Scene Yes, that number is correct. In 2016, over 50 thousand people in India diligently studied God’s Word with Thru the Bible and participated in a Bible Quiz competition that spanned the country.

This creative idea, the brainstorm of TWR-India, was intended to build relationships with local churches and encourage a thirst for in-depth Bible study within the local body.

And the result? The leader of the program reports, “We are excited to know that there were at least 53,600 people from 13 states and in 14 languages diligently studying the Bible across India. This success is mainly attributed to the intensive Bible study that Thru the Bible provides every day. We could once again see the hunger for the Word of God across the country.”

What People are Saying:

A note from the competition winner in Maharashtra:

“Had it not been for the quiz, I would never have studied the book of Daniel as I had always brushed it aside as difficult to understand.” At the prize distribution event she shared what she learned from each chapter of Daniel with so much enthusiasm that all present there were touched to the core. She is grateful for Thru the Bible and its insights and, hence, changing her view on studying any book of the Bible.

The youth are filled with zeal for the Word of God:

In Gujarat (West India), a church played Thru the Bible every day in preparation for the quiz. And all of a sudden, young people who weren’t even regular to the normal church activities began to flock to church. They listened to a three-hour session every day (from 8-11:00 pm) at the church until the day of the Bible Quiz. The pastor of the church himself was astonished at their hunger for God’s Word.

Personal transformation in West Bengal:

A mature woman said she could see an apparent transformation in her entire family just by listening to Thru the Bible in preparation for the quiz. She said, “I had never even known that the Book of John had so much depth in it and that the Word of God was so rich. I have been going to church for so long and am amazed at how much I don’t know about the Bible. We’re getting on the Bible Bus!”

A pastor from Maharashtra:

“It was by chance that TWR got my phone number and contacted me for the quiz competition. I was challenged by the opportunity to conduct the quiz in 12 centers. I hope to have it in 25 centers next year.” The pastors and lay leaders acknowledged that the teaching provided by Thru the Bible is wonderful and appreciated the efforts taken by TWR to conduct the quiz.

Pray with us that this Bible Quiz initiative will grow in every aspect as believers in India study the Word. By faith, agree with India’s leadership that “we believe this small effort by TWR-India in partnership Thru the Bible can make a transformative and practical impact in the churches of India.”