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A Call to Prayer: Western Europe

May 25, 2017 praying man In this feature every month, you can usually find an update on how your prayers and intercession are bearing fruit in our ministry together in taking the whole Word to the whole world. This month, our focus is on Western Europe—with countries like England, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, and more on our heart.

But this month, let’s take a different approach. In addition to thanking God for His work in people’s lives, let’s intercede for that end ahead of the impact.

Over the last two to three generations, Western Europe has become a spiritual wasteland. At Thru the Bible, we see it in the lack of response that we receive from Europe. Letters and emails describing spiritual impact are few.  Churches have emptied. Few people under 50 have ever owned a Bible, much less have read it or know about eternal life in Jesus.

By faith, stand with us now in interceding for the people of Western Europe. This will be a journey of faith, for we may not see transformation in our lifetime.  But then again—we might!

If you knew you could make a strategic, important impact on a critical, global need, would you get involved? Your answer is likely, “Of course.”  Well, here’s your opportunity.

Here’s how you can make a spiritual impact on Western Europe:

  • First, in agreement with Philippians 4:6 (“ … in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God”), approach God with faith, thanking Him and believing that His will is to draw all people to Himself, “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). 
  • Pray for the hearts of European people—that they would see their need and realize the answer to their hearts’ greatest desire is found in knowing and surrendering to Jesus Christ as Savior.
  • Pray for TTB’s creative efforts to be fruitful in building an effective and relevant delivery system in Europe (i.e. if radio is not the best way to deliver God’s Word—what could be?). Intercede for TTB’s European partners to be energized with faith, skill, and enthusiasm in a deceptively difficult mission field.
  • Stand in prayer against the spread of Islam in Western Europe. Intercede with faith that the influx of foreigners, millions from North Africa, would be confronted with a vibrant, godly witness and that they would hear the gospel, perhaps for the first time and respond in faith.
  • Stand in prayer against the enemy’s disguise wrapped in intellectualism, hedonism, spiritual apathy, and atheism.
  • Perhaps you know someone who lives in Europe or is recently from Europe. Pray for them specifically now, that they would come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and their lives would be transformed. Share something that you’re learning in our Bible Bus studies with them and invite them to listen.
The most effective way to partner with Thru the Bible is to stand in prayer together with us as we take the whole Word to the whole Word. And with faith in a patient, generous God, look forward to the day when this report from Europe teems with wonderful spiritual fruit.

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