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Spiritual Fruit Growing in Mongolia

June 27, 2017 Mongolian woman in video

If you’ve been on the Bible Bus for long, you’ve likely been a part of our prayer team for the launch of Thru the Bible in Mongolia. You may also know that Mongolians have had the Bible in their language for only the last 20 years. We were so encouraged by the recent update from the Mongolian program producer that we wanted to share these great pictures and stories. God is working!  

Faithful to God: Whenever, wherever

A local young Christian woman was videoed while she prayed loudly to God (see image above). The video was published to social media with the intent of mocking her. But she called our ministry team to share: “First, I’d like to say a big thank you. Since the video was published, my unsaved husband forbids me to go to church. I often stay home all day, but—good thing—I get to listen to your program. Each lesson about God greatly encourages me. Thank you so much.”

Thru the Bible helps us to serve God

Oktyabr (age 50) has been listening to Wind FM for one year, often listening from morning to afternoon. She testifies, “The biblical program, Thru the Bible, is a favorite with me and my husband. We not only listen every day on the radio, but also again by website. It’s very awesome and a great opportunity to listen to the programs and study the Bible. It helps us live and serve in the church. Our Jargal teacher (preacher) explains and teaches the Word with help from Thru the Bible. Our spiritual knowledge, understanding, and faith are improving. We invite our church members to listen and study from the biblical program along with us.”

Listening again and again

Otgonbat and his wife Handsuren (both 80 years old) write: “After a new station was launched in Erdenet city, our family has been listening to Wind FM. We took a Galcom radio from church members and have listened to it every day since. On weekdays we study the Word with Thru the Bible. Our whole family believes in Jesus and attends the local church. Sometimes we are unable to sleep, so we turn on the radio and hear the program again. Because of the very good choice to repeat the broadcasting, we listen several times. God bless you and your ministry!”

Embracing God’s grace

“My name is Otgontsetseg. I am 40 years old and an entrepreneur. One day a friend gave me a green little radio and invited me to listen to Wind FM. I enjoyed hearing the programs geared to women and counseling. When the biblical program came on at 2 p.m., I turned it off. But my friend said that the biblical program is the best for you—it will make you better and change you. So I started to listen. I do not yet understand fully, but because of what the Bible says, I’m embracing grace and God’s blessing.”

Our Mongolian broadcast partner asks us to:

  • Please pray for our Christian listeners’ faithful growth in the Spirit. (Matthew 13:8)
  • Please pray for all Christians who are insulted, persecuted, and falsely accused of all kinds of evil. (Matthew 5:11)