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In Their Own Words--From Africa

July 25, 2018 two African men studying

On the west coast:

M. Marcel DohAfrican-French producer, Marcel Doh, shares about Thru the Bible in west African countries.

Note: French is spoken by about 75 million people in central and west Africa as either a first or second language.

Thanksgiving: Glory to God who strengthens me day after day in the ministry of taking God’s Word to west Africa. The more I record the TTB African-French programs, the more I am enlightened by the Word of God and feel closer to Him myself!”

Please pray:

  • For my health. I continue to feel persistent pain in my head and in the socket of the eye that I lost. Pray for relief.
  • For listeners on the Bible Bus in Sinfra, in the Republic of Ivory Coast. They have formed a TTB Listeners’ Club but need a new leader. May the Lord give them wisdom in choosing a new leader. May He also grant grace that more clubs be created in other regions of west Africa.

On the east coast in the Horn of Africa:

Our Somali producer (not pictured for security reasons) ministers to the Somali people, many who are refugees living in camps.

Thanksgiving:  We praise God for helping us put all Somali TTB programs online, available all the time. This has given a window of opportunity to our listeners everywhere. Many have responded to the gospel messages in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. We are also thankful that He protects us so we can continue to do His work.”

Please pray:

  • For Somali follow-up ministry. Pray that we can mobilize talented Somali refugees in the camp to reach others for Christ using social media, especially in these four regions:
    • Nairobi: Pray as we hope to publish TTB commentaries in Somali, starting with 1 Timothy, Ephesians, and the four Gospels. If we get funds, people will read them and hopefully change their lives.
    • Kakuma: Pray as we mobilize, train, and teach the gospel to Somali Christian Fellowship so as to involve them in spreading the Word of God. Pray for youth to work with me in the online programs, using social media to invite others to listen to TTB programs.
    • Northeastern: This morning a prisoner named Michael called us with the help of a prison guard and asked us to pray for him and the guard. They would like to know Jesus.
    • Somalia: Pray for the college students who love to partner with us in reaching the Somalis through social media. Some of them were saved through the TTB Somali broadcast. There are many who were reached through our programs, and they can't reach us except through this way.

A Special Invitation: TTB-Luganda producer, David Wamimbi, welcomes new listeners in Uganda. Watch it ​here.