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Through Rain Forests and Rebel Armies

October 26, 2018 Christ statue Brazil

Twenty countries make up Latin America, which runs from the U.S.–Mexican border all the way down to the Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of Argentina. On its trip throughout Latin America, Thru the Bible’s Bible Bus in Spanish, Portuguese, and eight other languages travels through every country—past the world’s tallest waterfall and through Amazon rain forests—even through rebel armies and political unrest. In Brazil, the Bible Bus rides beneath the 120-foot tall statue of Jesus with His arms outstretched over the city of Rio de Janeiro. The statue is a powerful reminder that God loves the people of Latin America. Thru the Bible is committed to telling them so through the faithful exposition of God’s Word.

Back in 1973, Spanish was the first global language translation of Thru the Bible. Today, Latin American listeners tune in to Thru the Bible in their heart language every day by way of radio and the Internet. Lemuel Larrosa, TWR’s international director of Latin America and Caribbean ministry, shares good news of how God is working through your prayers for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking people in these  countries:

Report from Latin America:

“The positive influence of Vernon McGee with the Thru the Bible program could never be measured in its entirety. Thousands and thousands of people of all ages met and today know the Bible and the gospel message through this radio program. I have personally met hundreds of people in Spanish-speaking countries whose lives have been totally changed by hearing the Word of God in the style of TTB.

“A pastor in Colombia told me, ‘I was one of nine brothers. We used to listen to TTB at dawn from the island of Bonaire. My father would get us all up and we’d sit around a table and a radio, and we learned the Bible with Dr. McGee in the Colombian jungle.’ There are many stories like that throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

“I thank God for the privilege He has given me in participating in this TTB project given by God through Brother Vernon McGee. The present challenge is to reach many people in our countries who need to hear the Word with this style of biblical program. By far, it is the most listened to program throughout Hispanic America today.”

Praise and Prayer Request:

“We thank God because Thru the Bible has enabled us to reach millions of people in far-away places in rural areas, in mountains, towns, and large cities. We thank God for the TTB program, book by book, and its message of faith, hope, and salvation that comes daily to the Hispanic countries. We thank God for many lives that ‘passed and continue to pass from death to life’ upon hearing the study of the Bible.

“The greatest challenge that lies before us is to keep the daily broadcast of the program on air on radio stations and the Internet. May God allow us to have sufficient resources so that until the Lord returns, A Través de la Biblia may continue to bring salvation to all Spanish-speaking people.”

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