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One Region | One Request: Western Europe

December 28, 2018 family camping

The Whole Word for the Whole World: You’re invited to play a part

Thru the Bible’s mission is a wonderful and grand plan. Its depth (the whole Word) and scope (the whole world) defies manmade strategies—we have to do it God’s way to succeed. Some call this “God room”—the space between what we can do on our own and what could only happen if God steps in.  

Since our beginnings in 1967, we’ve relied on God’s favor to provide the opportunities and the resources to show us how and when to go forward, always by faith. Sometimes God clearly opened doors and prompted people to respond to His Word. Sometimes the road has setbacks and unexpected turns. We believe both are by God’s design.

Also by design, His plan includes ministry partnership. No one does this alone.

And that’s where you come in. To do Thru the Bible God’s way takes the whole Thru the Bible team—namely, you. It takes huge prayer support for every initiative in North America or around the world, every language, even the daily broadcast of Thru the Bible almost everywhere on earth. Prayer is our daily offering of thanks and trust, believing God hears and honors when we ask for what He said He’ll bless.

This year, we’d like to be very intentional in equipping partners to pray for this mission to take the whole Word to the whole world. Every month on the air, Gregg Harris, our president, and Steve Shwetz, our host, will discuss one specific region and ask you to intercede for a specific request for that region.

Our focus for this month, January 2019, is on Western Europe. Listen to their prayer challenge at

In Western Europe this month, pray for interest to be stirred in spiritual things and for people to find Thru the Bible in different medias.

As you pray, we’ll give you a personal look at that region here in the newsletter and online. You’ll be further informed on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and always through the World Prayer Team (sign up ​at

Each month as you pray about this request, you may also want to explore on your own creative ways to inform and inspire your intercession. Here are some ideas:

  • Join the World Prayer Team, a daily email uniquely designed to equip you to pray for the whole world:
  • Explore trusted online websites that educate and direct prayer for specific regions. We recommend,, and
  • Familiarize yourself with and be ready to help those whom the Lord brings to you to find the Bible taught in their heart languages.
  • Be aware of current events happening in our region of the month by researching trusted media sources. Let these events inspire you to ask the Lord to use His Word and His people to minister in the current hour to specific needs.
  • Does your church support missions in our region of the month? Get to know and/or correspond with the missionaries on the ground. Ask them how to pray for them and for the region.

Are you willing to be an intercessor? Would you like to be used by God to take His whole Word to the whole world? Here’s your opportunity to play an important role in what God is doing in our generation.