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How Many Mobile Devices Do You Have?

April 02, 2020 April 2020 international

By Gregg Harris, Thru the Bible, President

Let’s run the numbers . . .

Right now, seven out of ten people on earth have a mobile device. Many have more than one. Over 7.5 billion people live on earth using more than 9.5 billion mobile connections (approximately 5.2 billion unique mobile subscribers).

 . . . And digital technology has only just begun in reaching the world.

Thru the Bible is taking seriously the challenge to reach people through mobile devices, the central communication and information tool used by people around the globe. This is vitally important to fulfilling our mission to take the whole Word to the whole world.

In order to accomplish this, we are developing new ministry partnerships with organizations that have unique expertise in reaching people via digital platforms. Recently, we placed Dr. McGee’s teaching from the Gospel of John on, an internet ministry with multiple digital distribution channels. Based on their experience, the team at anticipated we would receive several hundred responses to this ministry initiative. We received over 3,000 responses and many indicated significant commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. God is gracious to open new ways for us to tell the old story of Jesus and His love.

April 2020 Jesus-net

Responses to our 21-day Gospel of John study on JESUS.NET

“It has impacted me in a very good manner, in such a way that I truly understand and feel the love of God. And that I should not limit or take God’s words for granted. Thank you so much for this series. May God bless you for reaching out to us.” -Nolumko

“It has truly helped me understand Jesus’ ministry and His ultimate sacrifice on the cross.” -Jon

“Allotting time to read the Bible has become a daily practice since starting the program. I am excited to see what each new day brings. My workdays are not so worrisome, and God is changing my thoughts, behaviors, and giving a fresh look at His love. To Him be all the glory.” -Marjorie

“I was drawn closer to Jesus this past 21 days.” -Dan

“I was really impacted by this series. Even though I have read John many times, I never before dug deeper and understood who Jesus really is and what He wants for me.” -Rhonda

“It helped me grow in my faith. It really helped me see that God is on my side and loves me more than I could imagine.” - Zoë