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The Effect of Thru the Bible on Our Global Producers

September 01, 2020

By Harry Bettig—Thru the Bible’s global liaison for TWR

When we think of Thru the Bible’s impact around the world, we often think of the many listeners who learn God’s Word and grow in their faith. But there is another group who greatly benefits from Dr. McGee’s teaching material: The Thru the Bible producers. Those who translate and voice the program into other languages often comment on how much they have learned about the Bible while translating the messages. The voice of Dr. McGee in the Malayalam language told me he had gone to seminary before his involvement with Thru the Bible and then added, “But it wasn’t until I started producing the Thru the Bible program that I really got to know the Bible.”  

Some of Thru the Bible’s global producers are pastors, and they have gladly incorporated Dr. McGee’s material into their Sunday messages. It is not a surprise to hear them say their messages have greatly improved after learning Dr. McGee’s material. On a side note, many pastors around the world say something similar. For example, while I was attending a listeners’ meeting at a small church in Bali, Indonesia, last fall, the pastor mentioned that he uses Thru the Bible’s material for his congregation, explaining, “I appreciate the detailed verse-by-verse explanations and it helps me with my sermons.” Certainly, the words of Dr. McGee are repeated in many pulpits around the world today. 

After completing the 5-year series, some producers stay involved with Thru the Bible by answering listener feedback and developing audience relations. The African French producer has become a trusted friend and confidant to his listeners who affectionately call him “Papa Doh.” (pictured) He often receives visits from listeners seeking advice or wanting prayer. Knowing God’s Word helps him provide useful biblical counsel. 

When I asked one of the Central Asian Thru the Bible producers how he had benefitted from translating and voicing Dr. McGee’s material, without hesitation he replied, “Thru the Bible helped me find a gift: my voice.” Completing the 5-year cycle of programs gave him confidence and developed his oral presentation. Doors have opened, and he now makes a living doing voice work such as recording audiobooks and dubbing videos. After coming to the Lord, a remote group of Roma in his country were being discipled by Thru the Bible. Referring to the producer, they asked one visiting Christian worker, “When are we going to meet the man with the angel’s voice?”  

During my years of ministry with Trans World Radio (TWR) and my involvement with the Thru the Bible program, it has been a privilege and blessing to personally meet Thru the Bible producers from around the world. They often exhibit a spirit of humility and gratitude, but to me and their listeners, they are heroes of the faith as they present the whole Word to their part of the world.