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Something Beautiful Happening in Turkey

March 31, 2021

by Harry Bettig, THRU the BIBLE International Liaison for TWR

It’s now been over a year since COVID-19 came into our vocabulary. For many people, the pandemic meant bad news, but for others it has brought the Good News. That was the case for three TTB-Turkish listeners, all in their 20s and living in the greater Istanbul area. Enjoy the beautiful impact of God’s Word on their lives: 

One woman reports: “I started to listen to your programs during the pandemic while I was working from home. Otherwise I would not be able to listen to them. Maybe COVID-19 caused a lot of death during this time—but for me it was the opposite. It brought life to me. I had a difficult childhood and was fully concentrated on a successful life. I wanted to gain respect and everything with my own strength. I realized that after listening to your programs. I saw how desperately I need His love in my life. Thank you for being a road light to me.” 

A young wife says: “I’ve been married for two years and discovered some things about my husband after I married him. He was married before and has two children. When I found out, I was disappointed and lost my trust in him. Because of this, we were always having fights. My husband got sick during the pandemic and stayed at the hospital for 15 days. During this time, I found your programs and they spoke directly to my heart. The life of Christ has impressed me so much. I learned and believed that I have to forgive my husband because of what Christ did for us. It was not fair to not forgive him. I repented and gave my heart to Christ. My husband is home again, and I have a freedom in my heart which I never felt before.”  

And here is another encouraging response, this time from a young man: “During the pandemic, many people I know have had losses. But for me it became a time of salvation. I’ve been listening to your programs for one year. At the beginning it was like collecting information, but in time something has started to change my heart. After I lost a friend due to COVID-19, I started to ask more questions about the future and about life after death. I didn’t find any answer that covered my fear during this time. But after listening to your programs with a new attitude, I felt freedom in my heart and decided to give my heart to Christ. Now I know what will happen to me, even if I die.”

TWR broadcasts the TTB-Turkish program to the two largest cities of Turkey over several FM stations. What an opportunity! During the recent turmoil caused by the pandemic, it is encouraging to see how God has used COVID, THRU the BIBLE, and TWR to bring people to Him.