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An African Photo Album

February 27, 2023

by Steve Shwetz, THRU the BIBLE chairman and host

“There’s so much ministry going on. What a wonderful trip!”

I wish you could have been with Gregg and me as we visited the beautiful people of Uganda recently. Let me share a few of my photos with you and tell you what it was like so you can pray with me for this growing ministry …

Straight from the airport (and a couple days of travel), Gregg and I each preached at two different churches. Here was where I got my first taste of Africa. 

We heard testimonies from listeners who live in “the Mecca of Mbale” and listen to THRU the BIBLE on a community radio on a loudspeaker that blasts our Bible teaching over the entire neighborhood. It is so well received that even the Muslims enjoy listening and are willing to talk about Jesus. 

A retired career soldier shared that when he was injured, he listened to THRU the BIBLE and got saved while studying Genesis. He used to shoot bullets for the government; now he shoots Scripture for the Lord. 

A Sunday school teacher writes lessons down and teaches her class. She has read the Bible for many years but has discovered so many new things since listening to THRU the BIBLE, especially to humble yourself and obey. 

Agnes shares that Muslim clerics want to know the truth. They have Bibles in their homes and want help understanding. 

We went to a remote village where we visited a listening group of about 30 people made up of pastors and church members. Their excitement for and love of THRU the BIBLE was amazing. Many of the listeners gave examples of what they have learned from specific passages in the Bible.

Abone, a pastor, shared that he has a better understanding of the Gospels and his preaching now is Christ-centric. 

This pastor shares THRU the BIBLE with his congregation and they listen and study together (and check him on his sermons!).

Pastor Zariah leads the THRU the BIBLE listener club. 

We attended a pastor's conference with about 60-75 pastors in Mbale. So many pastors wanted to share how THRU the BIBLE was helping them in their ministry that they only let those who traveled a long distance to speak. Even so, half had to sit down since we were out of time. There was so much to say! 

Gregg and me doing a Lugandan live call-in radio show talking about THRU the BIBLE and taking listeners’ calls testifying about how much they love the Lord and THRU the BIBLE. On another night, we traveled nine hours to a second radio call-in for the Runyakitara program where many listeners stormed the station with their responses. They love THRU the BIBLE. They said they never understood the Bible before, but now they do. 

Pray for these three men with me here:

David (next to me) is “Dr. McGee’s” voice on the Luganda program. Abraham (in the suit) is the Juba Arabic teacher. Pastor Frank is the teacher on the Runyakitara program in western Uganda.

Also pray for these pastors and producers: 

  1. A common request we heard from pastors: “Our people know God but are highly driven by emotion and high emphasis on miracles, gifts, and healings. THRU the BIBLE is our main instrument to teach them the Word of God and help them grow in their knowledge of God. Pray we grow in Christ.”
  2. South Sudan is a difficult place to do anything because of chaos and corruption. Pray for the producer, Abraham, as he creates the Juba Arabic program. Just after we left, we got word that Abraham’s son in South Sudan had been murdered. Pray for this precious family as they grieve.
  3. Pastor Frank, the voice of the Runyakitara program, is also the leader of several churches. Response has been tremendous. Pray for him as he faces the demands of new THRU the BIBLE ministries. 

This is by far the best field visit I have had with THRU the BIBLE. We are excited about what the Lord is doing in Uganda! Thanks for praying! 

Your friend and fellow traveler on the Bible Bus,

Steve Shwetz