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Bible Quiz Unifies a Country

March 31, 2023

One of our broadcast partners in India annually conducts a “Bible Quiz.” In September 2022, over 50,000 people participated in the friendly competition that spanned the entire country. Yes, that number is correct. Over 50 thousand people studied the book of Hebrews and then tested themselves on what they learned.

This creative idea, the brainstorm of TWR-India, is intended to build relationships with local churches and encourage a thirst for in-depth Bible study within the local body.

Every year for almost a decade, TWR-India leaders pick a book of the Bible and a date in September. Then they gather THRU the BIBLE resources on that book and send it to every participant to study.

And the result? Dependra Halder, who leads TWR-India, reports that 2022’s quiz was a resounding success:

“We conduct this quiz to encourage as many people as possible to invest time in studying the Word of God. It is a unique opportunity to grow in our knowledge of God and to have some friendly competition, spurring one another on as we mature in Christ. The quiz this year was on the book of Hebrews, a book that many found as challenging as it was compelling and convicting. It is my prayer that the participants gained much more spiritually than from the prizes. I also pray that what has been learned now will not be lost in the recesses of our memories but will continue to resonate in our hearts and minds.”


Bible Quiz Opens the Door for Home Groups

For the first time this year, India's Bible Quiz made its way to Bihar, a state in eastern India with the second largest population in the country. The response was overwhelming. Several churches opened their doors to start Homes Groups for the members of their congregations. We praise God that a one-time event like the Bible Quiz is paving the way for lasting fruit in Bihar and throughout India.

Here’s what a few Bible Quiz participants said about what they learned:

From Kimear in Bihar: “I did not know anything about the book of Hebrews before I started to use the study material. I began reading and then listened to the study on YouTube. This became a routine and, by His grace, I had a wonderful time writing the Quiz. It has helped me gain a much better understanding of the Scriptures."

A pastor in Maharashtra writes: “Our church has participated in these quizzes for four years. The TTB-India Bible study resources are articulate yet simple at the same time. This material is a great tool that benefits all who want to grow in Christ. It is not about passing or failing the Quiz. It does not matter who wins or who gets the prizes. Our primary aim is to learn God’s Word.

From Andhra Pradesh: “I am just a fledgling in my faith in Christ. I don't have much support in my growth in the faith. I read the Bible often, but I don't understand much of it. I have a great desire to study the Word meaningfully. I heard about the TWR Bible Quiz and I registered for it in the nearest center to my home. It helped me study the Word of God, and I learned so much from the book of Hebrews. It really has been a great blessing to me in my spiritual life."

From Bihar: Ten children and five staff from a hostel for poor children participated in the Quiz. The small group has now decided to continue studying the Word of God together.