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What’s Happening in Africa?

July 28, 2023

A Conversation with Ed Anderson, THRU the BIBLE Board Member

For many years, Ed has been God’s instrument in facilitating THRU the BIBLE’s launch and growth of Mmanya Baibuliyo, TTB’s Luganda program reaching Uganda. But as we’ve previously reported, the impact of God’s Word continues to spread throughout eastern Africa from this one program to launch Manya Baibuli Yawe in western Uganda and Kelima ta Rabana in South Sudan.

Q: Tell us, Ed, how is God working in eastern Africa?

Ed: Oh my! The Word of God cannot be chained. It accomplishes what God intended. Testimonies of the impact of the radio programs and apps prove that so beautifully! As Joan from western Uganda said, “the radio program teaches the Bible in detail from beginning to end." Praise the Lord for the whole Word for the whole world.

Q: Give us some highlights from these three THRU the BIBLE programs that are spreading like wildfire across Africa.

Manya Baibuli Yawe in the Runyakitara language in western Uganda | It's great to see so many WhatsApp messages and phone calls! Shantari says that God has "beautified my life." Another says, "You reach a point where you don't want to stop learning!" We couldn't make these words up; the Spirit of God prompts them. And though this effort is fairly young, 68% of the programs are “in the can.” They are producing a five-year Bible study that will serve their generation and their children’s generation and their children’s children’s generation, provided the Lord tarries.

Kelima ta Rabana in Juba Arabic in Sudan | What an encouragement to know that the program has been on the air for a year now! Considering all that the team has been through, it's amazing! The testimony from Samuel is proof positive of the purpose of the program. Samuel said that through the program he “got to understand” a truth of God. It’s through the systematic teaching and subsequent study of God’s Word that listeners “come to understand” God’s Word.

Samuel testified that, through the program, he got to understand that you have to believe in Jesus for you to go to heaven and not to hell. He said he wants other people to listen so that they too may believe and not go to hell.”

Mmanya Baibuliyo in Luganda in Uganda | Great strides have been made in establishing listener clubs! God's Word is best applied when it has been “chewed on” collectively and discussed. And it’s amazing that there are over 1,000 followers on Facebook and 341 members on WhatsApp! We are finding that once the 5-year program is produced, numerous delivery methods will arise, which means more and more people will find a way to hear God’s Word. Lydia shares, “Today we don’t have Bible study programs in churches and this has affected the spiritual growth of the church.” So true. And all the more reason to deliver the whole Word in whatever method works. She concludes, “ … pastor David explains verse by verse in a very simple way that opens my eyes.”

We received word that a 40-day crusade just ended in Mbale, Uganda (see image at top of this article). Our local THRU the BIBLE team helped to lead it. “Hundreds were saved, thousands heard the gospel, children were ministered to by a visiting medical team, and lives were redeemed.” May God’s Word take root in people’s lives and may He continue to bless this team of workers!

“Yes, God is mightily at work in Uganda and South Sudan!” says our faithful team in Uganda, led by David Wamimbi. “We thank God for His goodness and faithfulness.”