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“Everything good in my life has come from knowing God.”

May 23, 2017

With more than 722 languages spoken in the country of Indonesia, you can imagine sharing the Good News of Jesus with people in their native tongue can be challenging. But God is reaching his people!

Listen to this good news from a listener of Thru the Bible in Javanese.

“Your words remind me to surrender all my problems to God—big or small, I have to surrender everything to God only. It also encourages me to pray and give thanks for anything. Please keep broadcasting because everything good in my life has come from knowing God.”

Isn’t that a great letter? May we, too, feel that anything worthwhile and good in our lives comes from a relationship with our Savior!

As you pray today, please remember to intercede for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts in Indonesia in the languages of Javanese, Madurese, Sundanese, and Indonesian. As His Word goes out, may more Indonesians come into the family as they learn of God’s precious offer of salvation through His Son.

Next stop on our World Prayer journey? New Zealand. We’ll meet you there tomorrow.