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Praying our way through the Holy Land

June 15, 2017

As we travel together on our knees, God is answering our prayers! That’s the good news we’re sharing on World Prayer Today.

Consider this letter we received from Modar, a listener of our Arabic broadcasts in Israel:

“I have come to know Jesus. I’m learning a lot from you and am understanding more my new Christian life. It is so different from how I have been raised and taught, but I believe that Jesus is Lord! Thank you for helping me realize this and to begin my new life in Him.”

Isn’t that great? As you may know, only 2% of Israelis know Jesus. So, as we pray, let’s ask the Lord to increase Thru the Bible’s opportunity to reach more people with His Word in the languages of Hebrew and Arabic. .

Our worldwide prayer trek brings us to the Western Sahara tomorrow. Join us on your knees.