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“I left idol worship and now kneel in front of the cross.”

June 19, 2017

Welcome, World Prayer Team! We’re glad to have you join us as today we stop and visit a listener of our Gujarati language broadcast in India.

He says,

“I went to many places and temples to find peace and joy. I even went to the extent of sacrificing animals. I was filled with anxiety. I was helpless. That’s when a friend introduced me to your broadcasts. I started listening frequently and one day I decided to accept the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. I left idol worship and now kneel in front of the cross. Your teaching helps me grow in my spiritual life. Gradually, my family has also come to the Lord. We have started to go to the church, have been baptized, and are happy to share our experiences with other people. Please pray for my family and our spiritual life. We wish to live a life that attracts others to our Lord.”

Praise God for His Word that is changing lives in India and around the world. Today as we pray for the effectiveness of Thru the Bible’s Gujarati broadcasts, let’s also ask the Lord to help us live our lives in a way that is attractive for the Lord.

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Be sure to join us tomorrow as our prayer journey through India continues.