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“God’s Word is the only voice I want in my head.”

June 28, 2017

“God’s Word is the only voice I want in my head.”

That’s the opening line from a letter we received from a listener in the Netherlands here on World Prayer Today. He continues:

“I live in a psychiatric institution, but my mother comes to visit me often. We read the Bible together and she recently left me your USB stick. Whenever I am able, I listen to your programs on the radio, but I was missing many of them and was getting depressed. Now I can listen to your programs over and over. Whenever I am confused or afraid, God’s Word gives me peace. Thank you for this tremendous gift. Please pray for me.”

Today let’s pray for this young man and all of our fellow listeners who are clinging to God’s Word despite their struggle with mental illness. May God give them peace in the midst of their struggle and pain.

Tomorrow we will intercede for the beautiful people of Spain.