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“We lost our house, but we found Jesus.”

December 11, 2017

As our worldwide journey of prayer and praise continues, we rejoice in this letter from a listener of our Urdu broadcasts in India. She writes:

“A few months ago, our family home caught fire. The fire spread, but our neighbors quickly began to douse the flames. All of us were able to escape, but my mother was badly burned. We were worried that she would not live. As we stayed at the hospital with her, a neighbor brought a radio and prayed for her. The neighbor returned each day to pray over my mother and together we listened to your programs. Slowly my mother returned to health. The doctors were surprised to see this miracle. But my family was not. By then, we had heard of a loving and healing God, and we knew He had saved my mother for His glory. Today, we tell others that we lost our home, but we found something better … Jesus. That’s the testimony we gave last week when we were baptized in a local church. We praise God that my mother was among us.”

Praise God that He can use all the circumstances in our lives for our good and His glory. And let’s thank Him for neighbors and friends who reach out in His name. May each of us be inspired to do the same.

Fasten your seatbelts; tomorrow we’re headed to Ukraine.