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A great gift

December 26, 2017

Recently we received a note from one of your fellow World Prayer Team members who said,

“This journey has been a gift. In the beginning I thought that my daily prayer time for people around the world was for them. Now I see how it’s changing me. I am more aware of how God is at work and my faith has been strengthened. I’m also more sensitive to people from other cultures. I know now, after praying, that their spiritual and emotional needs are much like my own. Thank you for this opportunity to intercede and be part of what God is doing around the world. It is a gift.”

Can you identify? Has God blessed you as you’ve prayed for others? As we praise God for hearing our requests and answering them, consider how this prayer journey is impacting you.

Thank you for your faithful, consistent intercession for God’s work—in our lives and those we pray for around the world.

Our journey tomorrow leads us to pray for the persecuted in Somalia. Join us.