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Open the way for Senegal

February 07, 2018

Today on World Prayer Today we visit one of the most unusual countries in Africa—Senegal, the westernmost nation on the continent.

Senegal is home to at least 12 diverse ethnic groups and one of the most stable democracies in Africa—a real rarity!

Senegal is a dominantly Muslim country. But even though 90% of the population claims the Islamic faith, Christianity is starting to take hold in Senegalese people as they open their hearts to the gospel. God is at work in the nation, and they are presently enjoying surprising religious freedom. Generally, Christians are able to worship freely and share the Good News.

Our prayer today for the Senegalese people is very timely and important. Ask the Father to open the way for Thru the Bible’s Pulaar broadcast to be heard and received by its more than three million speakers.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue our prayer tour through Africa, visiting Angola.